On Prayer

the body needs food for energy, so too does the soul need spiritual food to climb the Mountain of Faith. Food is as important to the body as is breath. But what about the soul?



From the Catechism:

Prayer is the life of the new heart. —CCC, n.2697

If prayer is the life of the new heart, then the death of the new heart is no prayer—just as lack of food starves the body. This explains why so many of us Catholics are not ascending the Mountain, not growing in holiness and virtue. We come to Mass every Sunday, drop two bucks in the basket, and forget about God the rest of the week. The soul, lacking spiritual nourishment, begins to die.

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The Mountain of Faith




PERHAPS you are overwhelmed by the plethora of spiritual paths you’ve heard and read about. Is growing in holiness really that complicated?

Unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. (Matt18:3)

If Jesus commands us to be like children, then the path to Heaven must be reachable by a child.  It must be attainable in the simplest of ways.

It is.

Jesus said that we are to abide in Him as a branch abides on the vine, for without Him, we can do nothing. How does the branch abide on the vine?

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Video for Pope John Paul II

S O N G    F O R    K A R O L 

WHEN I met Pope Benedict in October of 2006,  I presented him a copy of Song For Karol which I had written the night Pope John Paul II died.

I recently finished a video tribute to the late Holy Father. Pope John Paul’s words and life have laid the foundation for the times which we live in. They have often inspired my writings and preaching. I often sense his presence very near me in my ministry…

The final words of this song are more urgent now than ever. Here is my tribute to Papa…





The Prodigal Hour

The Prodigal Son, by Liz Lemon Swindle




THE so-called “illumination of conscience” referred to by saints and mystics is sometimes called a “warning.” It is a warning because it will present a clear choice for this generation to either choose or reject the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ before a necessary judgment. The choice to either return home or remain lost, perhaps forever.


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The Birds and the Bees


OF significant note in the media is the alarming disappearance of honeybees (a harbinger of famine?). But there is another story that’s been brewing as well: the sudden disappearance of tens of millions of birds.

Nature is intimately tied to man insofar as he is its steward. When man no longer abides by God’s laws, this impacts nature as well, perhaps in ways we do not fully understand. 

So that said, the disappearance of the birds and the bees may indeed be a reflection of man’s disregard for… well, "the birds and the bees." The past forty years have been an unprecedented experiment with human sexuality which has led to an explosion of STD’s, abortion, and pornography.

We have destroyed the fundamental truths of "the birds and the bees." Is nature telling us something? 


How Cold is it in Your House?

War-torn district in Bosnia  


WHEN I visited former Yugoslavia just over a year ago, I was taken to a little make-shift village where war refugees were living. They came there by rail-car, fleeing the devastating bombs and bullets which still mark many of the apartments and businesses of Bosnia’s cities and towns.

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