Signs From the Sky

The Perseus Comet, “17p/holmes”


Two days ago, the words “THE STORM HAS ARRIVED” came to mind. Since publishing the writing below on November 5th, 2007, a world food shortage crisis has developed; the world economy has become extremely fragile; the alarm has been raised over new incurable “superbugs“; major storms are pummeling the world; powerful earthquakes are appearing or re-appearing suddenly in odd places with growing frequency; and Russia and China continue to make headlines as they flex their military muscle, raising more concerns over “wars and rumors of wars.” Perhaps we don’t feel these events quite as intensely yet in North America because of our “wealth and comfort buffer,” but God is speaking to the whole world, not just the West. We are beginning to experience, as a global community, common signs. 

Perhaps the greatest sign is that which is rising in the hearts of many I speak to. The sense of “imminence” of “something” has perhaps never been greater. These events will continue, and increase in intensity. As a hurricane is weak in the beginning, but becomes strong enough that one has to take “safe measures”, so too are we at a point where I believe we are being told to take “safe measures.”  When a woman begins to experience intense labor pains, she goes to the hospital. The safe measures I am concerned with are those of the soul. Are you prepared? Are you in a state of grace? Are you listening carefully through prayer to the still small voice in your heart directing you for these times?

I also recommend a re-reading of The Prodigal Hour. Again, it was written prior to my knowledge of a food crisis. And I wrote this prologue, prior to today’s earthquake in China. We pray for them, and for the victims of the many natural and man-made disasters around the globe.

A writing comes to mind as I speak of these things, and as many of you speak of these things as well. Do you feel like a fool for Christ? Blessed are you! Re-read: Ark of fools

The times have arrived. The winds of change are strong, and beginning to blow  with hurricane force. Fix your eyes on Christ, for the Eye of the Storm is coming… 


Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be powerful earthquakes, famines, and plagues from place to place; and awesome sights and mighty signs will come from the sky. (Luke 21:10-11)

“word” that we have arrived at the threshold of The Day of the Lord came to me the evening after I wrote One Word. That night, October 23rd, 2007, a comet suddenly “exploded” in the constellation of Perseus (it is now visible to the naked eye). Immediately my heart leapt when I read this in the news; I felt strongly that this was significant and a sign.


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