Triumph of Mary, Triumph of the Church

St. John Bosco’s Dream of the Two Pillars


THE possibility that there will be an “Era of Peace” after this time of trial which the world has entered into is something the early Church Father’s spoke of. I believe it will ultimately be “the triumph of the Immaculate Heart” which Mary foretold in Fatima. What applies to her also applies to the Church: that is, there is a coming triumph of the Church. It is a hope which has existed from the time of Christ… 

First published June 21, 2007: 


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Trumpets of Warning! — Part V


Set the trumpet to your lips,
for a vulture is over the house of the Lord. (Hosea 8:1) 


PARTICULARLY for my new readers, this writing gives a very broad picture of what I feel the Spirit is saying to the Church today. I am filled with great hope, because this present storm will not last. At the same time, I feel the Lord continually urging me on (despite my protests) to prepare us for the realities which we face. It is not a time for fear, but for strengthening; not a time for despair, but preparation for a victorious battle.

But a battle nonetheless!

The Christian attitude is twofold: one that recognizes and discerns the struggle, but always hopes in the victory attained through faith, even in suffering. That is not fluffy optimism, but the fruit of those who live as priests, prophets, and kings, participating in the life, passion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

For Christians, the moment has arrived to free themselves from a false inferiority complex… to be valiant witnesses of Christ. —Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity,, Nov. 20th, 2008

I have updated the following writing:


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I Will Keep You Safe!

The Rescuer by Michael D. O’Brien


Because you have kept my message of endurance, I will keep you safe in the time of trial that is going to come to the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth. I am coming quickly. Hold fast to what you have, so that no one may take your crown. (Rev 3:10-11)


First published April 24th, 2008.


BEFORE the Day of Justice, Jesus promises us a "Day of Mercy". But is this mercy not available to us each second of the day right now? It is, but the world, particularly the West, has fallen into a deathly coma… a hypnotic trance, fixated upon the material, the tangible, the sexual; upon reason alone, and science and technology and all the dazzling innovations and false light it brings. It is:

A society which seems to have forgotten God and to resent even the most elementary demands of Christian morality. —POPE BENEDICT XVI, U.S. visit, BBC News, April 20th,2008

In just the past 10 years alone, we have seen a proliferation of temples for these gods erected all over North America: a veritable explosion of casinos, box stores, and "adult" shops.

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The Restrainer

St. Michael the Archangel — Michael D. O’Brien 


THIS writing was first posted in December of 2005. It is one of the core writings on this site which has unfolded into the others. I have updated it and resubmit it today. This is a very important word… it places into context so many things unfolding rapidly in the world today; and I hear this word again with fresh ears.

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The Writing in the Sand



IF the writing is on the wall, a line is quickly being drawn "in the sand." That is, the line between the Gospel and the anti-Gospel, the Church and the anti-Church. It is clear that world leaders are quickly leaving their Christian roots behind. As the new U.S. government prepares to embrace unrestricted abortion and unfettered embryonic stem cell research—profiting from another form of abortion—there is virtually no one left standing between the culture of death and the culture of life.

Except the Church.

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Coming Soon…

Jesus and the Children by Michael D. O’Brien


THERE has been a tremendous response to my letter written to you a couple weeks ago called It’s Time. I wrote how, over a year ago, I received an interior word from the Lord that He wanted me to produce a television show to speak the "now word" to His people. The sense was that this show would come at a time when major events are unfolding and other events would be imminent. Again, recently, I heard a clear word in my heart:

It’s time.

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Ark of Fools



IN the wake of the U.S. and Canadian elections, many of you have written, tears in your eyes, broken-hearted that genocide will continue in your country in the “war on the womb.” Others are feeling the pain of division which has entered their families and the sting of hurtful words as the sifting between the wheat and chaff becomes more evident. I woke up this morning with the writing below on my heart.

Two things Jesus gently asks of you this day: to love your enemies and to be a fool for Him

Will you say yes?


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The Hour of Decision


SINCE this was first posted, September 7th, 2008, the decision has been made in Canada: there will be no protection for the unborn, no end to abortion in sight. And now, America faces its greatest decision ever. I have added the video below which I just recorded. It is a supplement to the writing below, in this hour of decision. (Note: the date of the election is November 4th, not the 2nd, as stated in the video.)



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