Christ Driving the Money Changers out of the Temple c. 1618, a painting by Jean de Boulogne Valentin.

THERE seems to be ongoing confusion among some of my readers as to why the webcasts I am producing carry a price tag. I am going to address this one last time since I have received several letters, such as the one below:

Why isn’t it good enough to have a wonderful web site inspiring people, why does everything have to be about paying for admission? Seems to me that if it is good, the money to support your family will come. Charging admission for people to hear what is supposed to be inspired by God is a real turn off, especially to young people. I have six children and have struggled over the years with trust in finances. Your story seems to have been based on trust. Charging admission turns your ministry into countless others that devolve into materialistic enterprises. You need to support your family, but let the products music, books etc. be a link. Continue offering your message for free and if you need money to do your work, ask for it. In my opinion it is a turn off to HAVE to pay for His message. I have found your messages to be timely, and I appreciate your work.


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