The Great Purification



BEFORE the Blessed Sacrament, I saw in my mind’s eye a coming time when our sanctuaries will be abandoned. (This message was first published August 16th, 2007.)



Just as God prepared Noah for the flood by bringing His family into the ark seven days before the flood, so too the Lord is preparing His people for the purification which is coming.

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Weeds Among the Wheat



DURING prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, I was given a strong impression of a necessary and painful purification coming for the Church.

The time is at hand for the separation of the weeds that have grown among the wheat. (This meditation was first published August 15th, 2007.)

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Moving Forward

Embracing Hopepntng copy  


A LOT is happening in the world since our ministry and family moved to a new location the past couple weeks. The Pope released a new encyclical which has been widely (if not wildly) interpreted. I have not had time to read the document, but hope to later this summer. In the meantime, Michael O’Brien, perched from his powerfully prophetic watchtower, has posted a potent insight on the encyclical here. Also, John-Henry Western clarifies the Holy Father’s call for a "world political authority" and why this is not a call for a one world government here.

Major social changes, if not upheaval, continue to germinate in the United States. It is, I believe, part of the trend toward a major revolution (see my writing Revolution!).

My new book, The Final Confrontation, had some delays, but is now in the final stage before printing. It will be available later this summer.

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Accept the Crown


Dear friends,

My family has spent the last week moving to a new location. I have had little internet access, and even less time! But I am praying for all of you, and as always, I am counting on your prayers for grace, strength, and perseverance. We are beginning construction of a new webcast studio tomorrow. Due to the workload ahead of us, my contact with you will likely be sparse.

Here is a meditation which has continually ministered to me. It was first published July 31st, 2006. God bless you all.


THREE weeks of holidays… three weeks of one minor crisis after another. From leaking rafts, to overheating engines, to bickering children, to just about anything breaking that could… I found myself exasperated. (In fact, while writing this, my wife called me to the front of the tour bus–just as my son spilled a can of juice all over the couch… oy.)

A couple nights ago, feeling as though a black cloud were crushing me, I spouted off to my wife in vitriol and anger. It was not a godly response. It was not an imitation of Christ. Not what you’d expect from a missionary.

In my grief, I fell asleep on the couch. Later that night, I had a dream:

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Finding Joy



IT can be difficult to read the writings on this website at times, particularly the Seven Year Trial which contains rather sobering events. That is why I want to pause and address a common feeling that I imagine several readers are dealing with right now: a sense of depression or sadness over the present state of things, and those things which are coming.

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The Thirteenth Man


AS I have traveled throughout parts of Canada and America in the past several months and spoken with many souls, there is a consistent trend: marriages and relationships are under fierce attack, especially Christian marriages. Bickering, nitpicking, impatience, seemingly unresolvable differences and unusual tension. This is accentuated even further by financial stress and an overwhelming sense that time is racing beyond one’s ability to keep up.

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The False Unity — Part II



IT is Canada Day today. As we sang our national anthem after morning mass, I thought about the freedoms paid for in blood by our ancestors… freedoms which are rapidly being sucked into an ocean of moral relativism as the Moral Tsunami continues its destruction.

It was two years ago that a court here ruled for the first time that a child can have three parents (January 2007). It is certainly a first in North America, if not the world, and is only the beginning of a cascade of change which is coming. And it is a strong sign of our times: 

You must remember, beloved, the predictions of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ; they said to you, “In the last time there will be scoffers, following their own ungodly passions.” It is these who set up divisions, worldly people, devoid of the Spirit. (Jude 18)

I first published this article on January 9th, 2007. I have updated it…


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