Become the Face of Christ



A voice did not boom from the sky…. it was not a flash of lightning, an earthquake, or a vision of the heavens opening with a revelation that God loves man. Rather, God descended into the womb of a woman, and Love itself became incarnate. Love became flesh. The message of God became living, breathing, visible.



Perhaps this is the crisis of our age. Not the lack of a message. Heavens no! Everywhere one turns, one can find the "message" of the good news. Cable television, radio, the internet… the message is blaring like a trumpet. But what is missing is often the demonstration of that message: of souls who have met Love itself, and then become vessels of that Love. Where can we find this message incarnated today?

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The Christmas Miracle



IT’S not just at Christmas, but every day that the "Christmas Miracle" can take place. St. Joseph shows the way in Mark’s Christmas message, and last episode of 2009 of Embracing Hope. This webcast is free for everyone to see in the video below, and is also available at You’ll want to watch this one to the very end. 

A Response

Elijah Sleeping
Elijah Sleeping,
by Michael D. O’Brien


RECENTLY, I answered your questions regarding private revelation, including a question about a website called where a man who claims to be a  “theologian” has, on his own authority, taken the liberty to declare who in the Church is a purveyor of “false” private revelation, and who is conveying “true” revelations.

Within a few days of my writing, the author of that website suddenly published an article on why this website is “full of errors and falsehoods.” I’ve already explained why this individual has seriously damaged his credibility by continuing to set dates of future prophetic events, and then—when they don’t come to pass—resetting the dates (see More Questions and Answers… On Private Revelation). For this reason alone, many don’t take this individual too seriously. Nonetheless, several souls have gone to his website and left there very confused, perhaps a tell-tale sign in itself (Matt 7:16).

After reflecting on what was written about this website, I feel that I should respond, at least for the opportunity to shed even further light upon the processes behind the writing here. You can read the short article written about this site on here. I will quote certain aspects of it, and then reply in turn below.


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Encountering God's Thirst



HOW do we learn to recognize the voice of the Good Shepherd? Primarily in prayer. In Episode 8, Mark summarizes the powerful teaching on Prayer from the Catechism in words that will make you want to pray. Also, hear Mark sing for the first time on Embracing Hope, a moving song he wrote on prayer and communion with God.

To watch Episode 8, go to



My family and I want to take a moment to thank all of you for responding in prayer, donations, and words of support. It seems that God is moving many hearts through this ministry, which is a joy for all of us. Know that our family is keeping all of you in prayer in our Rosary. We are tremendously blessed by this little community of readers and viewers—from Singapore to Hong Kong, Australia to America, Ireland to Canada—blessed by your love, kindness, and constant prayers, which are a source of strength and consolation.

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How Can I Ask?



AS I look at my email box full of appeals for donations from many Catholic ministries… as I read the headlines and the growing unemployment rate… as we near Christmas when everyone is preparing for family time, I wonder, how can I ask for help for this ministry?

But last night, my wife nudged me and said, you have to. It’s true. Few realize that I no longer do concert tours, and only take minimal select bookings. The reason is that this writing and video apostolate now require all of my time. It’s where my spiritual director has asked me to focus my energy. I am okay with and obedient to that. But the majority of our ministry and family income has dried up. It’s at times like this where you look up at the ceiling in the middle of the night and wonder if you’re really doing God’s will, when ministry and family expenses far outweigh the income trickling in. Book sales and webcast subscriptions are paying some bills, but not nearly enough.

I trust in God that I am doing His will. I trust in Him working through my spiritual director and speaking through my best friend, my dear wife; I trust in the support and encouragement of many holy and faithful priests and in the fruit I’ve read in hundreds of letters I’ve received, that Jesus is truly doing something through this ministry, despite myself.

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More Questions and Answers… On Private Revelation


THE proliferation of prophecy and private revelation in our times can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, the Lord enlightens certain souls to guide us in these times; on the other hand, there are no doubt demonic inspirations and others that are simply imagined. As such, it is becoming more and more imperative that believers learn to recognize the voice of Jesus (see Episode 7 at

The following questions and answers deal with private revelation in our time:


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Hearing God's Voice – Part II (EHTV)



WITH a New World Order emerging that is moving the world further and further away from God, it is becoming more and more critical that Christians learn to hear and recognize the voice of the Good Shepherd. In Episode 7 on Embracing Hope TV, Mark explains how we can know when we’re hearing God’s voice, and how to respond. Episode 7 can be viewed at



We have made an arrangement with our current webcast service provider that will make it much easier for those who cannot subscribe to EHTV to do so. In January 2010, we are going to switch our subscriber set-fee service to a donation-based service. Benefits to our present yearly subscribers will be improved. This will make EHTV more accessible for everyone, particularly those with low income. More details will be forthcoming.

Hearing God's Voice – Part I (EHTV )



THE world is being flooded today with a deluge of information. The problem is that it is filled with contradictions, inaccuracies, and sometimes outright falsehoods. It’s becoming harder and harder to navigate an emerging New World Order.

In Part I of Episode 6, Mark draws once again upon the powerful words of the Holy Fathers to explain why the days we live in require our vigilance and need to pay to attention to the voice of the Good Shepherd. Mark points out why the past should teach us that our ultimate trust needs to be in Christ for a future becoming filled with snares and dangerous pitfalls for those who will remain faithful to Christ. This powerful episode will prepare viewers to understand their role in these times, as explained in Part II.

Episode 6 can be viewed at