As We Get Closer



THESE past seven years, I have felt the Lord comparing what is here and coming upon the world to a hurricane. The closer one gets to the eye of the storm, the more intense the winds become. Likewise, the closer we get to the Eye of the Storm—what mystics and saints have referred to as a global “warning” or “illumination of conscience” (perhaps the “sixth seal” of Revelation)—the more intense world events will become.

We began to feel the first winds of this Great Storm in 2008 when the global economic collapse began to unfold [1]cf. The Year of the Unfolding, Landslide &, The Coming Counterfeit. What we will see in the days and months ahead will be events unfolding very rapidly, one upon the other, that will increase the intensity of this Great Storm. It is the convergence of chaos. [2]cf. Wisdom and the Convergence of Chaos Already, there are significant events happening all over the world that, unless you are watching, as this ministry is, most will be oblivious to them.


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The Sun of Justice



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Look to the East! The Sun of Justice is rising. He comes, the Rider Upon the White Horse!

call to the Bastion (see To the Bastion!) is a call to come to Jesus, the Rock, in the Blessed Sacrament, and there, to wait with Our Blessed Mother for the Battle orders. It is a time of intense preparation, not anxious, but intense—by fasting, frequent Confession, the Rosary, and attending Mass whenever one can, so as to be in a state of childlike attentiveness. And do not forget love, my friends, which without with all the others are empty. For I believe the Seals of Revelation are about to be broken by the “Lamb who seemed to have been slain”, as St. John foresaw it in chapters 5-6 in the Apocalypse.

Consider the current signs of the times as 2012 enter its final seasons: as war brews in the Middle East, the second seal seems to speak of global war; as the United Nations warns of a global food crisis in 2013, the third seal speaks of food rationing; as mysterious diseases and outbreaks are popping up all over the world, the fourth seal speaks of plagues and further famine and chaos; as the United States, Canada, and many other countries begin to move to curtail freedom of speech and thought, the fifth seal speaks of persecution. All of this leads to the sixth seal, which as I’ve written before, appears very much to be some kind of “illumination of conscience” of the entire world (cf. Revelation Illumination)—a great gift to humanity  before the door of Mercy closes, and the door of Justice opens wide (cf. The Doors of Faustina).

As I consider that the words below were first written in October of 2007, one can’t help but thank God that we have had these past five years to further prepare our hearts for the Great Storm that is now unfolding in our time…

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So Little Time Left


On the first Friday of this month, also the Feast day of St. Faustina, my wife’s mother, Margaret, passed away. We are preparing for the funeral now. Thanks to all for your prayers for Margaret and the family.

As we watch the explosion of evil all over the world, from the most shocking blasphemies against God in theaters, to the imminent collapse of economies, to the specter of nuclear war, the words of this writing below are rarely far from my heart. They were confirmed again today by my spiritual director. Another priest I know, a very prayerful and attentive soul, said just today that the Father is telling him, “Few know how very little time there really is.”

Our response? Do not delay your conversion. Do not delay going to Confession to begin again. Do not put off reconciling with God until tomorrow, for as St. Paul wrote, “Today is the day of salvation.

First published November 13th, 2010


LATE this past summer of 2010, the Lord began to speak a word in my heart that carries a new urgency. It is has been steadily burning in my heart until I woke up this morning weeping, unable to contain it any longer. I spoke with my spiritual director who confirmed what has been weighing on my heart.

As my readers and viewers know, I have striven to speak to you through the words of the Magisterium. But underlying everything I’ve written and spoken of here, in my book, and in my webcasts, are the personal directions that I hear in prayer—that many of you are also hearing in prayer. I will not deviate from the course, except to underscore what has already been said with ‘urgency’ by the Holy Fathers, by sharing with you the private words I have been given. For they are really not meant, at this point, to be kept hidden.

Here is the “message” as it has been given since August in passages from my diary…


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