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THESE past seven years, I have felt the Lord comparing what is here and coming upon the world to a hurricane. The closer one gets to the eye of the storm, the more intense the winds become. Likewise, the closer we get to the Eye of the Storm—what mystics and saints have referred to as a global “warning” or “illumination of conscience” (perhaps the “sixth seal” of Revelation)—the more intense world events will become.

We began to feel the first winds of this Great Storm in 2008 when the global economic collapse began to unfold [1]cf. The Year of the Unfolding, Landslide &, The Coming Counterfeit. What we will see in the days and months ahead will be events unfolding very rapidly, one upon the other, that will increase the intensity of this Great Storm. It is the convergence of chaos. [2]cf. Wisdom and the Convergence of Chaos Already, there are significant events happening all over the world that, unless you are watching, as this ministry is, most will be oblivious to them.



On a personal note, it has been a whirlwind here the past year. Numerous setbacks, including a family death, have interfered with my ability to resume my webcasts, write as often as I’d like, and finish my latest album. So that said, now that many personal storms are beginning to wane, I need to hunker down in the next few weeks to complete, the now two albums, that are sitting there in my studio. So writings here will continue to be infrequent, at least for the next while.

The other dimension is that I also do not feel a complete green light on other things that I could say or write here that are on my heart. It has always been the advice of my spiritual director to wait, and wait some more, until I feel total peace about what is posted. It is interesting, as I have heard from other “watchmen” around the globe, that there is a sense that their missions are winding down—at least the dimension of warning souls before the Great Storm. This only makes sense. One no longer needs to warn about a hurricane when the shutters are flapping and the streets are flooding. So too, the need to warn will soon be redundant… the Storm will then be upon us for all to see. In the meantime, for new readers and old alike, I encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to previous writings, including the links above (like the writing The Coming Counterfeit) to better understand or refresh your memory on what has already been said. Above all, live in the presence of God moment by moment, receiving the Sacraments frequently, never missing your daily prayers, and entrusting your heart (broken heart?) to Our Lady’s care. May we increase in the joy of the Lord as the days increase in darkness.

Know of my daily prayers for you, and my continued need for yours. I will place all of you and your intentions before Our Lord and Lady.

In Him,




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Speaking of wind, our ministry studio has sustained some
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