Evangelize, Not Proselytize


THE image above pretty much sums up how unbelievers today approach the central message of the Gospel in our contemporary culture. From Late Night talk shows to Saturday Night live to The Simpsons, Christianity is routinely mocked, the Scriptures belittled, and the central message of the Gospel, that “Jesus saves” or “God so loved the world…” has been reduced to mere epithets on bumper stickers and baseball backstops. Add to that the fact that Catholicism has been marred by scandal after scandal in the priesthood; Protestantism is rife with endless church-splitting and moral relativism; and evangelical Christianity is at times a televised circus-like display of emotion with questionable substance.

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The Power of Praise

for February 7th, 2014

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SOMETHING strange and seemingly foreign began spreading through Catholic churches in the 1970’s. All of a sudden certain parishioners began raising their hands at Mass. And there were these meetings happening in the basement where people were singing songs, but often not like upstairs: these people were singing with the heart. They would devour Scripture like it was a sumptuous banquet and then, once again, close their meetings with songs of praise.

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