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The Triumph – Part II



I WANT to give a message of hope—tremendous hope. I continue to receive letters in which readers are despairing as they watch the continual decline and exponential decay of society around them. We hurt because the world is in a downward spiral into a darkness unparalleled in history. We feel pangs because it reminds us that this is not our home, but Heaven is. So listen again to Jesus:

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied. (Matthew 5:6)


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What If…?

What’s around the bend?


IN my letter to the Holy Father, [1]cf. Dear Holy Father… He is Coming! I presented to His Holiness the theological foundations for an “era of peace” as opposed to the heresy of millenarianism. However, note again what the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith stated regarding the possibility of a “new era of Christian life”:

The question is still open to free discussion, as the Holy See has not made any definitive pronouncement in this regard. —Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Il Segno del Soprannauturale, Udine, Italia, n. 30, p. 10, Ott. 1990; Fr. Martino Penasa presented this question of a “millenary reign” to Cardinal Ratzinger

Thus it is remotely possible that the Church, at any point in the future, may also state definitively that an “era of peace” is also contrary to the Faith. Until such a pronouncement is made, if ever, one can also ask, “What if—what if an “era of peace” is not part of the “end times”?


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Like a Thief in the Night

for Thursday, August 27th, 2015
Memorial of St. Monica

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“STAY AWAKE!” Those are the opening words in today’s Gospel. “For you do not know on which day your Lord will come.”


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Personal Relationship With Jesus

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First published October 5th, 2006. 


WITH my writings of late on the Pope, the Catholic Church, the Blessed Mother, and the understanding of how divine truth flows, not through personal interpretation, but through the teaching authority of Jesus, I received the expected emails and criticisms from non-Catholics (or rather, ex-Catholics). They have interpreted my defence of the hierarchy, established by Christ Himself, to mean that I do not have a personal relationship with Jesus; that somehow I believe I am saved, not by Jesus, but by the Pope or a bishop; that I am not filled with the Spirit, but an institutional “spirit” that has left me blind and bereft of salvation.


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Rekindling Love for Jesus

for Wednesday, August 19th, 2015
Opt. Memorial of St. John Eudes

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IT is palpable: the body of Christ is tired. There are so many loads that many are carrying in this hour. For one, our own sins and the myriad temptations we face in a highly consumerist, sensual, and compulsive society. There is also the apprehension and anxiety about what the Great Storm has yet to bring. And then there are all the personal trials, most notably, family divisions, financial strain, sickness, and fatigue of the daily grind. All of these can begin to pile up, crushing and smothering and defusing the flame of God’s love that has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit.


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Prayer in Despair

for Tuesday, August 11th, 2015
Memorial of St. Clare

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PERHAPS the deepest trial many are experiencing today is the temptation to believe that prayer is futile, that God neither hears nor answers their prayers. To succumb to this temptation is the beginning of the shipwreck of one’s faith…


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