America: Fulfilling Revelation?


When does an empire die?
Does it collapse in one terrible moment?
No, no.
But there comes a time
when its people no longer believe in it…
trailer, Megalopolis


IN 2012, as my flight soared above California, I felt the Spirit urging me to read Revelation Chapters 17-18. As I began to read, it was as though a veil was lifting on this arcane book, like another page of thin tissue turning to reveal a bit more of the mysterious image of the “end times.” The word “apocalypse” means, in fact, the unveiling.

What I read began to put America into a completely new biblical light. As I researched the historical foundations of that country, I could not help but see it as perhaps the most worthy candidate of what St. John called “mystery babylon” (read Mystery Babylon). Since then, two recent trends seem to cement that view…

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