A New Name…


IT’S hard to put into words, but it is the sense that this ministry is entering a new phase. I’m not sure I understand what it is even, but there is a deep sense that God is pruning and preparing something new, even if it is only interior.

As such, I feel compelled this week to make some minor changes here. I have given this blog, once called “Spiritual Food for Thought”, a new name, simply: The Now Word. This isn’t by any means a new title to readers here, as I have used it to refer to meditations on the Mass Readings. However, I feel it is an even more apt description of what I feel the Lord is doing… that the “now word” needs to be spoken—whatever the cost—with the time that is left.

I have had two subscription lists up to this point, one for general writings and the other for meditations on the Mass Readings. However, I admit that I have felt torn between what to write between the two lists since there is an organic flow between all the writings. As such, I am going to go back to one list to keep it simple. So from now on, whenever I post The Now Word, whether it is on the Mass readings or something else, it will be on a single subscription list. Those of you who are presently subscribed only to the old Now Word list need to subscribe to the general list to continue receiving emails. Just click here and enter your email if you have not already: Subscribe.

I am just finishing up the necessary evil of taxes this week. I have also been thinking and praying a lot. Certainly, one aspect of this “new phase” is a new level of spiritual warfare that I have frankly never encountered before. But I’ve been around the block enough to know that it’s a good sign.

Last… I don’t know what to say in the face of an absolute flood of letters that have come from you. I am frequently left in tears at the moving testimonies of how God has used these writings to guide and help so many of you. I think I am stunned because, you know, I am out here in the middle of nowhere in central Canada on a small farm, writing these meditations… and out there in several countries, in thousands of homes, Jesus is moving in your hearts in some very, very profound ways. But I have been thinking often lately of what my spiritual director once called me a few years back: “God’s little courier”. Yes, I think that is the right tone—just the delivery boy. And so, with you, I glorify and praise Jesus that, despite myself, He has been able to take the poverty of my words and still make a meal of them for some. Still, I feel less confident than ever… and I think that is a very safe place to be.

So thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your love. Thank you too for your generosity, knowing that I have dedicated my life to this apostolate but still have eight children to feed, school, and wed. Yes, there is a wedding coming this September! My eldest daughter, Tianna—the one whose art and website design has contributed here along with my wife’s talents—is getting married to a really great guy. Keep them in your prayers. They have been an absolutely beautiful example of chastity, dignity, and authentic witness to their faith in Christ.

While I’m at it, please pray too for our youngest daughter Nicole, who is a missionary with Pure Witness Ministries. And also for Denise, whom many of you know as the author of The Tree and who has begun a really profound little blog sharing her spirituality in everyday life experiences: you can read it here.

Did I say thank you for your prayers? Yes, I need them… I feel them. You are in mine each and ever day. Remember…

you are loved.


Thanks for your love and prayers!

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