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I laughed, I cried, I was riveted to the very last word. But perhaps more than anything, I was astonished that such a young mind could conceive The Tree, a new novel by my 20-year-old daughter Denise…

Begun when she was thirteen, and now finished seven years later, The Tree has been stunning reviewers. I am more than excited to share what they’re saying about this new book that, set in a medieval period, is a journey through raw emotion, suffering, and mysticism. We are proud to announce today the release of The Tree!


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The Tree is an extremely well-written and engaging novel. Mallett has penned a truly epic human and theological tale of adventure, love, intrigue, and the search for ultimate truth and meaning. If this book is ever made into a movie—and it should be—the world need only surrender to the truth of the everlasting message.
—Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, author & speaker

Calling Denise Mallett an incredibly gifted author is an understatement! The Tree is captivating and beautifully written. I keep on asking myself, “How can somebody write something like this?” Speechless.

—Ken Yasinski, Catholic speaker, author & founder of FacetoFace Ministries

Exquisitely written… From the very first pages of the prologue,
I could not put it down!
—Janelle Reinhart, Christian recording artist

The Tree
is an exceptionally promising work of fiction from a young, gifted writer, filled with Christian imagination focusing on the
struggle between light and darkness.

—Bishop Don Bolen, Diocese of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

This literary intrigue, so deftly spun, captures the imagination as much for the drama as for the mastery of words. It is a story felt, not told, with eternal messages for our own world.

—Patti Maguire Armstrong, co-writer of the Amazing Grace series

With an insight and clarity into issues of the human heart beyond her years, Mallett takes us on a perilous journey, weaving endearing three-dimensional characters into a page-turning plot.
—Kirsten MacDonald,

Mallett delivers a striking collision between power, hypocrisy, and sincere faith. Through an intricate plot, readers are compelled to journey alongside characters who wrestle with the deepest longings of our own humanity. Cast upon the background of an artistically unique fantasy world, we are led through kingdoms, countrysides, and taverns to solve the violent mystery thrust upon us in the early pages of the prologue…

—Dr. Brian Doran, MD, Founder of Arcātheos

Denise Mallett, an extraordinarily gifted young author with a deep, deep faith beyond her years, leads us on a journey typically guided by the elderly soul who is wizened by profound life lessons.

—Brian K. Kravec,


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