A Prophetic Webcast…?


THE bulk of this writing apostolate has been relaying “the now word” that is being spoken through the popes, the Mass readings, Our Lady, or visionaries throughout the world. But it has also involved speaking the now word that has been put on my own heart. As Our Blessed Lady once said to St. Catherine Labouré:

You will see certain things; give an account of what you see and hear. You will be inspired in your prayers; give an account of what I tell you and of what you will understand in your prayers.St. Catherine, Autograph, February 7th, 1856, Dirvin, Saint Catherine Labouré, Archives of the Daughters of Charity, Paris, France; p.84

Such was the case with a webcast from 2009 (which I felt strongly during prayer that I should look at again today). One of the “words” the Lord put on my heart back then was about “forced” vaccines. I can tell you right now that I scarcely knew even then the dimensions of what we are seeing unfold before us today, as “mandatory” vaccines are fast becoming a reality… tied to “digital ID’s” or “immunity passports.” There’s some other quite interesting things said in that webcast at the same time that, together as a whole, speak to the hour in which we are living. See what you think…

Here is that webcast again from my old show Embracing Hope, recorded almost 10 years earlier to the day from when the first case of COVID-19 was officially identified.


Available also at Vimeo.

 Note: apologies to those readers who are hearing challenged.
This webcast has no subtitles.


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