Be Merciful to Yourself



BEFORE I continue my series on Where Heaven Touches Earth, there is a serious question that must be asked. How can you love others “to the last drop” if you have not encountered Jesus loving you in this way? The answer is that it is nearly impossible. It is precisely the encounter of Jesus’ mercy and unconditional love for you, in your brokenness and sin, that teaches you how to love not only your neighbour, but yourself. So many have trained themselves to instinctively self-loathe. But this breaks the heart of Christ because you are rejecting the creation He loved unto death—you. We have to break this cycle of self-hatred, otherwise the mercy we show others will often sub-consciously be tainted with limitations, judgment, or a projection of our own self-hatred. Jesus wants to break these chains of self-loathing! The following eleven minute video teaches you how. Far from a narcissistic approach to yourself, which the world promotes, this is the saving message that Christ came to bring, to you, today. 



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