Clash of the Kingdoms


JUST as one will be blinded by flying debris if he tries to stare into the furious winds of a hurricane, so too, one can be blinded by all the evil, fear and terror unfolding hour by hour right now. This is what Satan wants—to drag the world into despair and doubt, into panic and self-preservation in order to lead us to a “saviour.” What is unfolding right now is not another speed bump in world history. It is the final clash of two kingdoms, the final confrontation of this era between the Kingdom of Christ versus the kingdom of Satan…

We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has ever experienced. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-church, between the Gospel and the anti-gospel, between Christ and the antichrist. —Eucharistic Congress for the bicentennial celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Philadelphia, PA, 1976; cf. Catholic Online (confirmed by Deacon Keith Fournier who was in attendance)

This writing is perhaps the most sobering thing I’ve ever written in a long while. Please, do not count the words, but count the grace it is that we still have time to sit together in Our Lady’s school. Let’s cover this writing and our minds with God’s protection as we pray three times:

Most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ… save us and the whole world.



Let’s remember where we are headed! Christ’s coming kingdom is a Kingdom of the Divine Will—for we have been praying for its arrival for 2000 years: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” It is essentially a restoration or “resurrection” of what was lost in man in the Garden of Eden: that union of the human will with the Divine Will that was more than mere obedience but a participation in the life of the Holy Trinity. Thus, what is coming…

…is a sanctity completely different from other sanctities… the sanctity of Living in My Will is identical to the [interior] life of the blessed in heaven who, by virtue of living in My Will, enjoy within each of themselves My indwelling, as if I were there for each one alone alive and real, and not mystically, but really dwelling within them. —Jesus to Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, The Gift of Living in the Divine Will in the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta, Rev. Joseph Iannuzzi, p. 77-78

This is why the earth has begun to rebel, brothers and sisters: “creation is groaning” awaiting “the revelation of the sons and daughters of God” [1]Rom 8:19 as evildoing increases and “the love of many grows cold.” [2]Matt 24:12

“All creation,” said St. Paul, “groans and labors up till now,” awaiting Christ’s redemptive efforts to restore the proper relationship between God and his creation.  —Servant of God Fr. Walter Ciszek, He Leadeth Me (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1995), pp. 116-117

This is our great hope and our invocation, ‘Your Kingdom come!’ — a Kingdom of peace, justice and serenity, which will re-establish the original harmony of creation.—ST. POPE JOHN PAUL II, General Audience, November 6th, 2002, Zenit

Jesus is coming to complete in us what He accomplished in His Incarnation: the union of Heaven and Earth through His human and divine will.

It would not be inconsistent with the truth to understand the words,“Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” to mean: “in the Church as in our Lord Jesus Christ himself”; or “in the Bride who has been betrothed, just as in the Bridegroom who has accomplished the will of the Father.”Catechism of the Catholic Church, n. 2827

Thus, when the Divine Will lives in us, we will “reign” with Him as a “witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” [3]cf. Matt 24:14; Rev 20:4; The Church “is the Reign of Christ already present in mystery.” —CCC, n. 763 For, then, we will be prepared as a spotless and unblemished Bride to receive Him.[4]Eph 5:27; Rev 19:7-8

God himself had provided to bring about that “new and divine” holiness with which the Holy Spirit wishes to enrich Christians at the dawn of the third millennium, in order to “make Christ the heart of the world.” —POPE JOHN PAUL II, Address to the Rogationist Fathers, n. 6,

So, just as a mother does not focus soely upon the labour pains but also the coming birth, so too, as the labour pains increase in frequency and severity, we need to remember that this time of sorrows we have entered is not the end, but the Beginning of beginnings!

After purification through trial and suffering, the dawn of a new era is about to break.POPE ST. JOHN PAUL II, General Audience, September 10, 2003



Scripture tells us that, in his pride and rage, Satan will likewise attempt to establish his own world-wide kingdom.[5]Rev 13:1-18; Dan 7:6 How? By “recreating” man in his own image. Again, when?

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters. (Genesis 1:1)

This void was the “condition” whereby God was ready to pronounce His Fiat (“let it be”) to bring life to creation. So too, Satan has waited centuries for another “void.” That moment came in the 16th century. The Church at the time was in the midst of schism, scandal, and confusion—a “void” had been created… even though the Spirit of God hovered over her.

And God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. (Genesis 1:3)

Satan, whom Jesus said is a “murderer from the beginning… a liar and the father lies”, [6]John 8:44 seeing the void, pronounced his own fiat.

Let there be darkness.

With that, the “Enlightenment” period was born by a simple little lie: deism—the belief that God created the universe and then left it to sort itself out, and thus, for man to interpret himself and reality by reason alone.

The Enlightenment was a comprehensive, well-organized, and brilliantly led movement to eliminate Christianity from modern society. It began with Deism as its religious creed, but eventually rejected all transcendent notions of God. It finally became a religion of “human progress” and the “Goddess of Reason.” —Fr. Frank Chacon and Jim Burnham, Beginning Apologetics Volume 4: How to Answer Atheists and New Agers, p.16

Just as God would pronounce further Fiats to bring light, order, and life to creation, so too in the course of several centuries, Satan’s dark fiats would sow lie after lie so as to procure darkness, disorder and death. The fiats of darkness were the philosophies of rationalism, scientism, and materialism. The fiats of disorder were the ideologies of Marxism, Socialism and Communism. At last came the fiats that would procure death itself: relativism, (radical) feminism, and individualism (producing respectively the fruit of war, abortion, and the death of imago Dei via gender-ideology, transgenderism, and ultimately, assisisted-suicide).

Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. And on the seventh day God finished his work which he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had done. (Gen 2:1-2)

With that, God established a perfect harmony of peace and unity. Conversely, we now stand on the threshold of Satan’s “seventh day.” The time has come to finish his diabolical work by bringing the entire world into a “harmony” of false peace and false unity—the Age of Aquarius. If God is to bring His Bride into a Single Will, Satan’s counterfeit is to bring mankind into a single thought:

…it is the globalization of hegemonic uniformity, it is the single thought. And this sole thought is the fruit of worldliness. —POPE FRANCIS, Homily, November 18th, 2013; Zenit

…worldliness is the root of evil and it can lead us to abandon our traditions and negotiate our loyalty to God who is always faithful. This… is called apostasy, which… is a form of “adultery” which takes place when we negotiate the essence of our being: loyalty to the Lord. —Homily, Vatican Radio, November 18th, 2013

The moment has come to return to the Garden of Eden, so to speak. For Christ, it is a purification of man’s conscience and the restoration of his dignity and divine rights as the “image and likeness of God.” For Satan, it is to move man to a “higher consciousness” and claim that he is God.

…you will be like God, knowing good and evil. (Gen 3:5)

But what is a kingdom without a king? If the Son of Man came to serve by offering his life to set us free, the Son of Perdition now comes to be served and enslave.

…the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God. Do you not remember that when I was still with you I told you this? And you know what is restraining him now so that he may be revealed in his time. (2 Thess 3:3-6)



While praying before the Blessed Sacrament fourteen years ago, I had a sudden, strong and clear impression of an angel hovering above the world and shouting,

“Control! Control!”

What has unfolded in this past week is extraordinary. The pandemic of fear, the near-global cancellation of Masses, the rapid spread of martial law, the closure of businesses, the growing move to cashless commerce, the shuttering of the global economy, the restriction of movement, the surveillance of citizens, the censorship that’s started… Just as creation was formless in the beginning, so too, Satan’s “recreation” rises from chaos. I have written much on this subject of a coming Global Revolution. It has been waiting for the right moment—and the popes have been warning for over a century:

…the goal of this most iniquitous plot is to drive people to overthrow the entire order of human affairs and to draw them over to the wicked theories of this Socialism and Communism… —POPE PIUS IX, Nostis et Nobiscum, Encyclical, n. 18, DECEMBER 8, 1849

Voltaire, one of the Freemasons—a sect whom the pope’s warned were plotting this overthrow of the Church and present order—said:

…when conditions are right, a reign will spread across the whole earth to wipe out all Christians, and then establish a universal brotherhood without marriage, family, property, law or God. —Francois-Marie Arouet de Voltaire, Stephen Mahowald, She Shall Crush Thy Head 

Jesus describes these “conditions” or rather labour pains (Matt 24:8) that would precipitate this:

Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; there will be powerful earthquakes, famines, and plagues from place to place; and awesome sights and mighty signs will come from the sky. (Luke 21:11)

Events that would come like Boxcars, one after the other…

We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order. —David Rockefeller, Sept. 23, 1994, speaking at the United Nations Ambassadors’ dinner



What has brought us to The Great Transition is straightforward: evil and sin now outweighs goodness and virtue. It is truly significant that Mirjana Soldo announced this past March 18th, 2020 that Our Lady will no longer appear on the 2nd of every month—apparitions which were specifically to pray for unbelievers. When I heard this, immediately the Scripture came to mind:

If anyone sees his brother sinning, if the sin is not deadly, he should pray to God and he will give him life. This is only for those whose sin is not deadly. There is such a thing as deadly sin, about which I do not say that you should pray. (1 John 5:16)

As I wrote in 11:11, the scales of justice are now tipping, weighted down by “deadly sin” (e.g. 115,000 abortions daily) which, seemingly, Our Lady’s intercession can no longer offset.

…the power of evil is restrained again and again [and] again and again the power of God himself is shown in the Mother’s power and keeps it alive. The Church is always called upon to do what God asked of Abraham, which is to see to it that there are enough righteous men to repress evil and destruction. —POPE BENEDICT XVI, Light of the World, p. 166, A Conversation With Peter Seewald (Ignatius Press)

Mary is as the dawn to the eternal Sun, preventing the Sun of justice… the stem or rod to the eternal flower, producing the flower of mercy. —St. Bonaventure, Mirror Of The Blessed Virgin Mary, Ch. XIII

Referring to the vision of Our Lady that the seers of Fatima witnessed when she stopped an angel from carrying out a chastisement, Cardinal Ratzinger said:

The vision then shows the power which stands opposed to the force of destruction—the splendour of the Mother of God and, stemming from this in a certain way, the summons to penance. In this way, the importance of human freedom is underlined: the future is not in fact unchangeably set…. —Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (BENEDICT XVI), from the Theological Commentary of The Message of Fatima,

In a message to Sr. Agnes Sasagawa of Akita, Japan, Our Lady portends what will happen when her presence is withdrawn:

In order that the world might know His anger, the Heavenly Father is preparing to inflict a great chastisement on all mankind. With my Son I have intervened so many times to appease the wrath of the Father. I have prevented the coming of calamities by offering Him the sufferings of the Son on the Cross, His Precious Blood, and beloved souls who console Him forming a cohort of victim souls. Prayer, penance and courageous sacrifices can soften the Father’s anger. —August 3, 1973,

However, that depends upon us:

What happens to the world depends upon those who are living in it. There must be much more good than evil prevailing in order to prevent the holocaust that is so near approaching. Yet I tell you, My daughter, that even should such a destruction happen because there were not enough souls who took My Warnings seriously, there will remain a remnant untouched by the chaos who, having been faithful in following Me and spreading My Warnings, will gradually inhabit the earth again with their dedicated and holy lives. These souls will renew the earth in the Power and Light of the Holy Spirit, and these faithful children of Mine will be under My Protection, and that of the Holy Angels, and they will partake of the Life of the Divine Trinity in a most remarkable Way. Let My dear children know this, precious daughter, so that they will have no excuse if they fail to heed My Warnings. —Our Lady of America to Sr. Mary Ephrem, winter of 1984,

That the apparitions ceased at virtually the same time the public celebration of Masses were being canceled in many countries is hardly coincidence. Jesus said to St. Faustina that her recourse to His Divine Mercy had, in fact, stayed the hand of justice. 

I also withhold My punishments only because of you. You restrain Me, and I cannot vindicate the claims of My justice. You bind My hands with your love. Divine Mercy in My Soul, Jesus to St. Faustina, Diary, n. 1193

But Christ’s Divine Mercy flows from His Sacred Heart, which is the Eucharist! What greater reparation is there than for millions of Catholics to daily receive the Eucharistic Sacrifice? What holds back Divine Justice more than for Christ to dwell physically within us? For the Eucharist is the very “source and summit of the Christian life” and thus, the Divine Will itself.



Pope Francis, on at least two occasions, suggested that the novel Lord of the World by Robert Hugh Benson had something to tell us about our times. It is a book on the reign of Antichrist. The Son of Perdition rises, not as a tyrant, not at first—but as a saviour to a world that is plunged in crisis and peril. The Church in this scene is no longer influential, no longer a moral authority. The kingdom of Satan comes as a counterfeit to Christ’s by drawing everyone into the single thought of the Antichrist. Benson writes that it is a…

…reconciliation of the world on a basis other than that of Divine Truth… there was coming into existence a unity unlike anything known in history. This was the more deadly from the fact that it contains so many elements of indubitable good. War, apparently, was now extinct, and it was not Christianity that had done it; union was now seen to be better than disunion, and the lesson had been learned apart from the Church… Friendliness took the place of charity, contentment the place of hope, and knowledge the place of faith. Lord of the World, Robert Hugh Benson, 1907, p. 120

The idea of the world joining in harmonious union—without the Church—is no fantasy but her own teaching:

Before Christ’s second coming the Church must pass through a final trial that will shake the faith of many believers. The persecution that accompanies her pilgrimage on earth will unveil the “mystery of iniquity” in the form of a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth. The supreme religious deception is that of the Antichrist… especially the “intrinsically perverse” political form of a secular messianism. Cathechism of the Catholic Church, n. 675-676

We are far advanced along this road. As one priest said to me this week, “The Church has no public credibility to defy what governments are asking due to the poor handling of the sexual abuse crisis.” That, and vast portions of the Church have already embraced that “worldliness” Francis spoke of that “can lead us to abandon our traditions and negotiate our loyalty to God” (read Political Correctness and the Great Apostasy and The Anti-Mercy.)

The world is rapidly being divided into two camps, the comradeship of anti-Christ and the brotherhood of Christ. The lines between these two are being drawn. How long the battle will be we know not; whether swords will have to be unsheathed we know not; whether blood will have to be shed we know not; whether it will be an armed conflict we know not. But in a conflict between truth and darkness, truth cannot lose. —Bishop Fulton John Sheen, D.D. (1895-1979); source unknown (possibly “The Catholic Hour”)

In the times ahead, as the labour pains intensify, you will see the world whipped up into revolution as the masses grow in frustration with their leadership, fed up with their corruption, fed up with war and division, death and hunger and collectively cry out for an “epidural” to end the pain! I would not doubt that there is a savior waiting in the wings to administer it. At least, Pope Pius X thought so:

…there may be already in the world the “Son of Perdition” of whom the Apostle speaks. —POPE ST. PIUS X, E Supremi, Encyclical On the Restoration of All Things in Christ, n. 3, 5; October 4th, 1903

And we Christians will look like utter fools for resisting his program of universal harmony, justice and peace.

The Antichrist will fool many people because he will be viewed as a humanitarian with a fascinating personality, who espouses vegetarianism, pacifism, human rights and environmentalism. —Cardinal Biffi, London Times, Friday, March 10, 2000, referring to a portrait of the Antichrist in Vladimir Soloviev’s book, War, Progress and the End of History 

But we could never have reached this point already without technology.



In 1984, Apple Computer Company released its first personal computer (PC). The logo of choice was a rainbow-colored apple with a bite taken out of it—a clear allusion to the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. They announced their first computer, ironically (?) during the Super Bowl—an event whose half-time show in the past few years has become an occult platform to herald the coming “new order.” Part of the “rites” in the occult involve announcing one’s devious intentions ahead of time, but “hiding them in plain sight.” Hence, Hollywood has long been an instrument of darkness in its hidden messages.

Here is Apple’s commercial that year:

These are the words of the “leader” that you hear in the background:

Today we celebrate the first glorious anniversary of the Information Purification Directives. We have created for the first time in all history a garden of pure ideology, where each worker may bloom, secure from the pests of any contradictory true thoughts. Our Unification of Thoughts is more powerful a weapon than any fleet or army on earth. We are one people, with one will, one resolve, one cause. Our enemies shall talk themselves to death and we will bury them with their own confusion. We shall prevail!

A woman in red shorts then appears, wielding a hammer. She passes through the sheeple (some who are wearing respiratory masks) to apparently “liberate” the masses. She casts the hammer into the screen, which does not free, but “enlightens” the “masses” who are watching.

The symbolism of all this is powerful, whether its creators knew it or not. First of all, the “red” and “hammer” are symbols of the new Communism that is returning. It was the “errors” of Russia (ie. Communism) that Our Lady of Fatima warned would eventually spread over the globe like a contagion.

Second, the instrument of this spread of enlightenment and “liberation” has been the media, now concentrated in the computer. It has ultimately become a powerful means, not to liberate mankind, but to corral him. Technology has become the default tool by which billions of people on earth have been propagandized, corrupted, and prepared for this Global Revolution. The World Wide Web is the new “tree of knowledge of good and evil” that once stood in the Garden of Eden; the computer-chip and its derivatives are the forbidden fruit… forbidden, because man has used technology to “become like God” (with Google at our fingertips, are we not all omniscient now?). 

Thus it is that our age has seen the birth of totalitarian systems and forms of tyranny which would not have been possible in the time before the technological leap forward… Today, control can penetrate into the innermost life of individuals… —POPE BENEDICT XVI, The Instruction on Christian Freedom and Liberation,n. 14;

Electronic bracelets and phones that report your whereabouts, text messages if you stray too far from quarantine and digital detectives tracking where you’ve been—Asian countries have embraced innovative, if somewhat invasive, tech to counter the coronavirus pandemic.Yahoo News, March 20th, 2020

I think that’s just the beginning. The other day during a conversation, I suddenly saw in my heart that the “mark of the beast” may come with a vaccine, and that the mark will be invisible, something that has never crossed my mind. The very next day, this news story was republished from last December:

For the people overseeing nationwide vaccination initiatives in developing countries, keeping track of who had which vaccination and when can be a tough task. But researchers from MIT might have a solution: they’ve created an ink that can be safely embedded in the skin alongside the vaccine itself, and it’s only visible using a special smartphone camera app and filter.Futurism, December 19th, 2019

I am not saying that is the “mark.” Rather, that we ought to remember St. Paul’s words: “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” Hence, where the spirit of antichrist is, there is control (read The Great Corralling).

As a side note, someone posted this question on YouTube:

Mark, these are incredibly confusing and disturbing times right now. If everything you’ve been saying is true, these are EPIC times in the history of salvation. How could it possibly be that confused people learn of this from obscure corners of the internet… from Mark Mallett and his merry band of seers (no offense), and not the Roman Catholic Church itself?

Because the Church is actually teaching this, and that’s whom I follow. See:

Why Aren’t the Pope’s Shouting?

Rethinking the End Times

(P.S. We weren’t ready for His first coming either…)

As a side note, the very first computer Steve Jobs built with Steve Wozniak cost about $250 to put together. They decided to offer it to the local store at the wholesale price of $500. Retail price would then be about a third more, which came to $666.66.

And so it was.


In 2006, while waiting in an airport, I distinctly heard in my heart:

It is nearly complete.

Those words were accompanied by an image of several machines with gears. These gears—political, economic, social, and technological, operating throughout the world—have been running independently for several decades, if not centuries. But I could see in my heart their convergence: the gears about to mesh into one global machine called “Totalitarianism.” The meshing will be seamless, quiet, barely noticed. Deceptive… 

Who could have foreseen the swiftness, power and control that has placed vast portions of the world under near martial law in just a matter of days? Whether or not the extreme measures being taken against the coronavirus are justified, the world will never be the same. Even if the coronavirus abates, the mechanisms being implemented to control, censure and confine vast populations have proven effective beyond globalist’s wildest dreams. Already, there is the beginning of censorship, neighbors ratting on each other, and police chasing people off the streets. A Pandora’s Box has been opened—and the spirit of antichist was inside.

This is why I say we have reached the Point of No Return, or as Our Lady of Medjugorje said, a turning point.

Dear children, apostles of my love, it is up to you to spread the love of my Son to all those who have not come to know it; you, the little lights of the world, whom I am teaching with motherly love to shine clearly with full brilliance. Prayer will help you, because prayer saves you, prayer saves the world…  My children, be ready. This time is a turning point. That is why I am calling you anew to faith and hope. I am showing you the way by which you need to go, and those are the words of the Gospel. —Our Lady of Medjugorje to Mirjana, April 2, 2017; June 2nd, 2017

Our Lady is showing us the way. And you, dear Rabble, have hidden yourselves in the Heart of this Woman. You have placed yourselves beneath the protection of St. Joseph. And you have remained faithful upon the rock, who is Christ, and yes, Peter. Hence, you are in the Ark.

The Church is thy hope, the Church is thy salvation, the Church is thy refuge. —St. John Chrysostom, Hom. de capto Euthropio, n. 6.; cf. E Supremi, n. 9,

My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the way that will lead you to God. —Our Lady of Fatima, Second apparition, June 13, 1917, The Revelation of the Two Hearts in Modern Times,

I stumbled just now upon this message to mystic Fr. Michel Rodrigue, Founder of The Apostolic Society of St. Benedict Joseph Labre in Abitibi, QC, Canada. In light of yesterday’s consecration, this is more than timely:

I have given Saint Joseph, My representative on earth as protector of the Holy Family, the authority to protect the Church, that is the Body of Christ. He will be the protector during the trials of this time. The Immaculate Heart of My daughter, Mary, and the Sacred Heart of My Beloved Son, Jesus, with the Chaste and Pure Heart of Saint Joseph, will be the shield for your homes and for your family, and your refuge during the events to come.from the Father, October 30, 2018

What remains now is for you to wait in calm, quiet and trust for your instructions from Heaven. For you—the apostles of love—your mission is just beginning…

May the Kingdom of your Fiat come; restore to us the early days of creation;
may all things experience anew the rejoicing,
joy and delight of the first harmony between God and man!

—Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, 5th Round in the  Divine Will, Original Sin



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