Dream of the White Horse


THE evening that I wrote Signs From the Sky (but had not yet published it), a reader had a dream and relayed it to me the next morning. That is, she had not read Signs From the Sky. Coincidence, or a powerful confirmation? For your discernment…

I had an amazing dream last night, I just have to tell you about it!   I was dreaming about comets… all the comets I have ever seen…   I was in each place where I had seen them and with the same people, and experienced watching them all over again.  Up until this last comet… This last comet as in my dream, I was watching all alone…  and as I watched, it grew brighter and bigger.

Then as if it were a hole that had opened in the sky, a white horse came out from the center of it, and came towards me. A man was riding on the horse and he had a shield and a spear. And as the horse came near he threw the spear toward me.  But instead of the spear piercing me, it turned into a beam of light, and when it hit me I suddenly saw every sin I’ve ever committed, and it brought me to my knees.  I can’t even begin to tell you the sorrow I felt… but also I felt God’s mercy flowing through me.  It was as if He wanted me to know both…  It was the most frightening and most loving thing I’ve ever felt.  I wish I could explain it.

Then as quickly as he had come to me, he took the reigns of the horse and turning the horse first to my left and then to my right, he rode on.  I could see him in the distance on another hilltop, south and east from my home… throwing that spear, that beam of light toward another person.  I remember too, that when he turned the horse to my left, I could see on the left side of the horse, the word “Illuminent” (sic.).  And when he turned the horse to my right,  I could see on the right side of the horse the word “Veritas”
I’m still breathless….  After reading your posting this morning about The Day of the Lord I felt it was somehow very relevant and wanted to share it with you…


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