Forget The Past

St. Joseph with Christ Child, Michael D. O’Brien


SINCE Christmas is also a time in which we give gifts to one another as a sign of the perpetual giving of God, I want to share with you a letter I received yesterday. As I wrote recently in Ox and Ass, God wants us to let go of our pride which holds on to old sins and guilt.

Here is a powerful word a brother received which expounds on the Lord’s Mercy in this regard:



There is a time for repentance, and a time to walk in the presence of God with confidence.  You were not given a spirit of timidity but a spirit of boldness to proclaim my name to the masses.
You are a worthless servant as you bask in your worthlessness.  It is good and holy to realize that all good things come from Me. It is good and holy to realize that without My mercy and grace you are as an ember from a fire, a brilliant burning light that is quickly extinguished and blown away by the wind. You must embrace the Light I have put in you;  and although the wind will carry you from the East to the West, the brilliance of My love must remain in you for all the world to see.
Realize your transgressions and pray to me for the strength to overcome the weakness of your humanity.
The focus must not be on your sinful nature but on My love and forgiving nature. You are a treasure for the Kingdom of Heaven. Do not let the evil one, the liar, speak to you that you are wretched and unholy.  These things are true when My people walk without Me. But when I hear their "yes" and come to dine with them, they no longer sing their own song but join in with the choirs of angels in Heaven with the help of My Holy Spirit.
Confess your sins, internalize My forgiveness; realize the power you carry when you walk with Me and seek out your lost brothers and sisters.  Listen to My instruction. Be My helper. We have much work to do to prepare humanity.
My strength and My blessings on all of My warriors,

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