The Hard Truth — Epilogue



AS I wrote the Hard Truths the past two weeks, like many of you, I openly wept—struck with a deep horror of not only what is happening in our world, but also the realization of my own silence.  If "perfect love casts out all fear" as the Apostle John writes, then perhaps perfect fear casts out all love.

Unholy silence is the sound of fear.



I admit that when I wrote The Hard Truth letters, I had a very odd feeling later on that I was unwittingly writing out the charges against this generation—nay, the cumulative charges of a society which has, for several centuries now, fallen asleep. Our day is merely the fruit of a very old tree.

And the axe lies at her root.

 Jesus himself said:

Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung round his neck and he were thrown into the sea. (Mark 9:42)

Abortion is the physical destruction of the "little ones," and is an unprecedented holocaust. But the far greater destruction is now taking place in the souls of the "little ones" outside the womb. The aborted most likely depart directly to heaven; but these other "little ones" are being led to the wide and easy road which leads to destruction—primarily spiritual destruction with everlasting consequences. This is occurring through a materialistic and sexualized culture, and is culminating in the forced acceptance of alternative lifestyles, particularly that of the dissolution of the image of a man and a woman, which is the very image of God. Yes, the very image of God has been inverted—a direct blow to the Holy Trinity, that Divine symbol of the family.

And once again I hear the words in my heart:

The last heresy.

That which is wrong is now right, and that which is right is now seen as intolerant.

They will put you out of the synagogues; indeed, the hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he is offering service to God. (John 16:2) 



In the past two weeks, I’ve come to see that this feeling of a sentence being read before the Heavenly Court is not just my own. From the mailbag:

This past week I sensed that something is finished—it was a sense similar to that of the moment of death at the Crucifixion, but corresponding to the way Christ works in the world. 

And another reader: 

You have read the charges against the West in your last [five Hard Truth] posts on the blog. What do you think will be the judgement of a loving, merciful, and just Judge to such charges?

And another:

Last night I was thinking it’s like we’re in the garden and tired and Jesus says "rest"….  Yes, there seems to be this finality of a sentence passed, and prayer will not prevent it. I believe the Holy Spirit is confirming this to the saints. 

And perhaps the following writer puts it into context (for I know this is the season of joy and peace, and who among us wants to reflect on the dark realities of our day? And yet, I repeat again: the truth sets us free):

Really, I am not a doom and gloom person, I enjoy life… As I was upstairs [getting ready to go to the movie], this came to me: "Disaster upon disaster, calamity upon calamity."

I just needed to share that… perhaps the calm before the storm is ending and the picnic will indeed soon be over.



Dear friends, as Christmas draws near, we can and must renew our hope in Christ. Mercy has not run out! There is time this very moment for each of us to repent of our apathy, to renounce our love affair with sin, and to simply kneel before Jesus, still in the womb of His mother, and say:

Jesus, I have wasted time. I have wasted opportunities. I have not repented as I know I should have. I have not responded to Your love for me. You see, even now, I come without frankincense or myrrh, without anything to give you. My hands are empty… I have nothing to show. Nothing, except a heart willing to receive you (Rev 3:17-21). It is poor, smelly, and without comfort, much like a stable, but I know you will not reject it. For a humble and contrite heart you will not spurn (Psalm 51:19). Yes, Jesus, I welcome you. May the warmth of my desire bring you comfort, my King, my Lord, and my God.

I wish to say with all my heart to those who are reading this today, heed the warning that Heaven is sending us: TIME IS SHORT. And at the same time, I repeat: BE NOT AFRAID! For if you have prayed that prayer alongside me with sincerity, then Mercy will be birthed in your heart, and the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world will cover you in the days to come. 

Blessed Infant Jesus: I love you! I thank you for your Mercy! You are Goodness itself. Have mercy on this world, dear Lamb, have mercy on every soul, especially those most ensnared by the enemy, those most hardened against your Kingdom. Yes, change their hearts that they may confound the enemy of Peace, and that Mercy and the Cross will triumph once and for all.

We tend to think of the Apocalypse as God’s judgment on mankind, an act of pure Justice. But we must remember that the Apocalypse is Mercy, for God will not permit evil to go on devouring the good indefinitely, and will bring it to an end.  —Archbishop Fulton Sheen, (paraphrased; reference unknown)

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