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The Legacy of JPII in Music

He is being called one of the greatest popes of all times. John Paul II has left an impression on the world.

And he has left an impression on Canadian singer/songwriter Mark Mallett, whose music continues to carry the spirit of John Paul II into the world.

“The eve we started pre-production on a new Rosary CD, JPII declared the “Year of the Rosary”. I couldn’t believe it!” says Mark from his home in Alberta, Canada. “We spent two years making what is perhaps the most unique Rosary CD ever.” Indeed, it has garnered rave reviews, selling thousands of copies around the world. Catholic author Carmen Marcoux calls it, “Rosary history in the making.”

“When the Pope declared a “Year of the Eucharist”, I knew immediately what my next CD would be” says Mark, who writes and professionally records all his own material. “”Let the Lord Know” is a compilation of praise and adoration songs — music to enter into the presence of Jesus… whether you’re in the car, doing the dishes, or face to face with Him in the Blessed Sacrament.”

The day Pope John Paul II died, Mark went to his church, and like so many Catholics, remembered, mourned, and thanked God for such a tremendous leader. “When I left the church, I got into my van, and all of a sudden there’s this melody in my head. As I drove away, the name “Karol Wotyla” popped in my mind, and lo and behold — his name fit the melody perfectly!” Mallett had no intention of writing a song for the Pope, knowing the Pontiff’s life spoke for itself. “But I went back to the Church that night, and sitting directly between Mary and the Tabernacle, I wrote “Song For Karol” an epic ballad that television host Ralph Martin calls, “Beautiful! Truly inspiring!” and author Michael O’Brien says, “…will leave no one unmoved.”

This beautiful ballad which also features 5 other songs reflecting the late Pope’s spirituality is on the disc “Song For Karol” and is offered absolutely FREE when both Mark’s Rosary CD and new Eucharistic CD are purchased. “These two CD’s are the pillars of John Paul II”s spirituality — devotion to Mary and the Eucharist. He has given these devotions to us for a reason in these troublesome times. May we heed his call to pray the Rosary once again and to worship Jesus truly present in the Eucharist!”

This music will help you to do just that, as it has thousands. To read testimonies of how Marks’ music has touched other’s lives, click on: Reviews

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The legacy of John Paul II lives on in Mark’s music.

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