An Extraordinary Day



IT is an extraordinary day in Canada. Today, this country became the third in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. That is, the definition of marriage between a man and woman to the exclusion of all others, no longer exists. Marriage is now between two persons.

It is extraordinary, because in essence, the Government of Canada is sanctioning and protecting a lifestyle choice which the majority of Canadians and countries throughout the world consider immoral. It is to many people a rejection of history, experience, norm, natural law, biology, logic, and God’s designs.

It is extraordinary because it is the undertaking of a social experiment with unknown consequences, suddenly forced on the electorate between elections, leaving a wake of division.

It is extraordinary, because many people would never have believed that their beloved Canada would turn its back on freedom of speech and thought.

It is extraordinary because it marks the beginning of an official persecution of the Canadian church — a persecution which has already manifested itself in several court cases which have curtailed, by threats and fines, the rights of individuals to follow their conscience–thereby making irrelevant the Government’s overtures to protect religious freedom. Once the envy of the free world, Canada is now a dangerous place for Jews, Muslims, moral atheists, and Christians who will dare to persist in their beliefs. It is now "the land of the free, so long as you agree", the beginning of "thought crime." A cruel irony for so many immigrants who have fled their oppressive homelands in hopes of living in a free Canada.

It is extraordinary because the daily Mass readings for today happen to be from Genesis 19:15-29: the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

But it is also extraordinary, because the sun rose in a most glorious way this morning, penetrating the thick fog with golden light, dispersing the darkness, and filling the air with divine perfume. The Son rose. And hope, and mercy, and God’s hand was again extended in peace to creation, without reserve.

It is time for serious prayer, fasting, reflection, and decision-making. Many Christians will be tempted to flee the Garden of Gethsemane–to run away from their conscience and the coming persecution. To run instead to the pseudo-safety of moral relativism within the whitewashed walls of the Church of Tolerance. Didn’t Jesus tell us to pray that we would withstand the test? It is time to pray that we will have the strength to remain with Jesus. To speak the truth in love. To love those who will hate us. To pray for those who will curse us.

O Canada… we weep for you on this–this extraordinary day.