God Has a Face


AGAINST all arguments that God is a wrathful, cruel, tyrant; an unjust, distant and disinterested cosmic force; an unforgiving and harsh egoist… enters the God-man, Jesus Christ. He comes, not with a retinue of guards nor a legion of angels; not with power and might nor with a sword—but with the poverty and helplessness of a newborn infant.

It is as if to say, “O Fallen Humanity, here is your Redeemer. When you expect judgment, instead you find the Face of Mercy. When you expect condemnation, instead you behold the Face of Love. When you expect wrath, instead you find unclenched and open hands… a Face of Hope. I have come to you as a helpless baby so that, in drawing near to Me, I in turn may draw near to you who are helpless to be saved without My intervention… My very life. Today, the glad tidings I bear are simply that you are loved.”

And if we know that we are loved, then we can begin again

I give thanks to God for all of you, my readers, and pray that you will encounter the love and goodness of Our Savior in these Christmas Days. Thank you for all your support and prayers. Indeed, you are loved. 


The Mallett Clan, 2017



God became man. He came to dwell among us. God is not distant: he is ‘Emmanuel,’ God-with-us. He is no stranger: he has a face, the face of Jesus.
—POPE BENEDICT XVI, Christmas message “Urbi et Orbi“, December 25th, 2010



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