Growth Pains


LAUNCHING a weekly webcast is like making your first paper airplane. You go through quite a few sheets before you’re airworthy. 

Not surprising, we have had to crumple up a few attempts, as we are figuring out how best to make the wings as aerodynamic and flightworthy as possible. As a result, things are simply taking more time than we anticipated. Thus, Episode 2 of Embracing Hope TV is going to be delayed by a few days. Please accept my apologies!



Some of you have been asking if I will still be writing here. The truth is, only God knows that. I have only been writing to you these past few years when I feel, with the confirmation of my spiritual director, that the Lord is inspiring me to do so. That is, I would have stopped writing a year ago if there was nothing on my heart to write. So my answer is this: if the Lord inspires, I will write. 

But as you can imagine, producing a weekly webcast, writing a column, and spending quality time with eight adorable children and a lovely bride is no small task. In truth, I am pretty exhausted. But since I believe the Lord is leading me this way, I know He will supply the grace. After all, I have all eternity to rest. 

Regarding the cost of the webcast… I know it is difficult for some of you. If I could offer this service for free, I would. I buy "airtime" from a webserver—and we’re already buying diapers and food for our eight children on our credit card. I simply cannot offer something out of my own pocket when it’s already empty. If a benefactor comes along and wishes to cover all the costs, then—joyfully—we will be able to make this freely available to the masses. The webcast is not a replacement of my writings, but is based on them. This website—and the hundreds of writings here—are freely available, and provide in full the message which I feel our Lord has wanted me to convey.



The world is changing so fast right now, it is difficult to keep up. Many are experiencing a kind of spiritual "travel sicknesss" as time seems to be spinning faster and faster. There is a temptation to want to run and hide and grow vegetables in a far away place. Not a bad vision; but it may have to wait until the next life (are there gardeners in Paradise?). Hence, we have to always remember that this is not our home: we are pilgrims making our way to Heaven. And so let the world change; let the tempests take their course. But I will remain steadfast on mine, eyes fixed on Jesus, and taking as many souls with me along the way. 

I ask again for your patience and above all your prayers. It is not important for you to know the degree of "warfare" involved in this ministry—we all experience it. What is important is for you to know that I truly and sincerely count upon your prayers and intercession, for my ministry, family, and for all those Jesus intends to reach through these avenues of grace. You are all in my daily prayers. 

For my part, I will throw up my sails in this present moment, and catch the wind of the Holy Spirit, which for now, is to preach the Gospel and prepare the Church for the trials which lay directly before her. 

That is, my sails, and my paper airplanes. 



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