Episode 2 – Apostasy!

Embracing Hope, by Lea Mallett


PRIOR to Christ’s return, St. Paul teaches that there will be a great rebellion, an apostasy—a falling away from the faith. Is it here?

In Episode 2 on Embracing Hope TV, some of the most prominent voices of the past century are highlighted who make the case that something profoundly disturbing has happened in the Church. The argument is indisputable; the antidote is clear. At the end of the show is a rarely mentioned, but consoling promise of Jesus made in the Scriptures.

To watch Episode 2, go to https://www.markmallett.com/embracinghopetv/archives/166.

This is a powerful program every Christian should see. Help us spread the word. Help spread hope in these troubling times!



I have been following this apostolate for a long while; it has been my major source of staying in tune with what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church, and the messages given have always been confirmed in myriads of ways. —Shirely, USA

Wow!  PRAISE BE TO GOD!!! This is better than I imagined… You have encouraged me more than you know. —Kathy, USA

Powerful! —Carmen, Canada

The show is beautiful, thanks so much.  —Patricia, USA