Halifax Advent Mission and More…

Advent Mission with Mark Mallett


Join Mark Mallett in

Halifax, Nova Scotia

for an Advent Mission on

Rediscovering Our First Love


December 1st — 3rd, 2014

7pm each evening
(Praise and Worship from 6:30-6:50pm)

St. Thomas Aquinas Canadian Martyrs Parish

1711 Oxford Street, Halifax, NS B3H 1K8
(902) 423-3057

[email protected]




Give the gift of inspiration this Christmas!

Visit Mark Mallett’s store for his newest albums and the thrilling new novel, The Tree, by Denise Mallett (Mark’s daughter) that is making quite a stir in the Catholic world…

I have listened to my newly purchased CD of “Vulnerable” over and over again and can’t get myself to change the CD to listen to any of the other 4 CDs of Mark’s that I bought at the same time. Every Song of “Vulnerable” just breathes Holiness! I doubt any of the other CDs could touch this latest collection from Mark, but if they are even half as good they are still a must-have…. Please do yourself a favor and allow your heart and soul to be lifted high listening to Mark’s music. God Bless Mark and each and every one of us.
–Wayne Labelle, Cornwall, ON


Calling Denise Mallett an incredibly gifted author is an understatement! The Tree is captivating and beautifully written. I keep on asking myself, “How can somebody write something like this?” Speechless.
—Ken Yasinski, Catholic speaker, author & founder of FacetoFace Ministries

From the first word to the last I was captivated, suspended between awe and amazement. How did one so young write such intricate plot lines, such complex characters, such compelling dialogue? How had a mere teenager mastered the craft of writing, not just with proficiency, but with depth of feeling? How could she treat profound themes so deftly without the least bit of preachiness? I am still in awe. Clearly the hand of God is in this gift. Just as He has granted you every grace thus far, may He continue to lead you on the path He has chosen for you from all eternity.
—Janet Klasson, author of The Pelianito Journal Blog


Bless you for your support!
Bless you and thank you!





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