In Gratitude



DEAR brothers, sisters, beloved priests, and friends in Christ. I want to take a moment at the beginning of this year to update you on this ministry and also take a moment to thank you.

I have spent time over the holidays reading as many letters as I can that have been sent by you, both in email and postal letters. I am so incredibly blessed by your kind words, prayers, encouragement, financial support, prayer requests, holy cards, photos, stories and love. What a beautiful family this little apostolate has become, stretching out across the world from the Philippines to Japan, Australia to Ireland, Germany to America, the United Kingdom to my homeland of Canada. We are connected by the “Word made flesh”, who comes to us in the little words that He inspires through this ministry.

I want you to know that I read every letter that comes to me. When you send your prayer requests, I stop for a moment, lay my hand upon them, and pray for you and your loved ones, your situations, your trials, and place your tears in the basket of Our Lady’s heart to bring them to Jesus, that He may multiply a bounty of blessings upon you. And I offer my prayers each day for all my readers, viewers, and benefactors and for all whom I have promised to pray for.

I also want to apologize that I simply am not physically able to respond to every letter that comes to me. But they are read, appreciated, and received with much love and care.



As many of you know, I recently began a new direction with my ministry by launching in December, 2013, The Now Word, a daily reflection on the Mass readings. The response was immediate and unanimously positive, which says to me to keep going with these meditations. I am taking time with my family over these holy holidays, and so will resume The Now Word on January 6th (you can subscribe to them at no cost here).

I will of course continue with the general writings that you have come to know that deal with the extraordinary times we are living in. As I wrote to you recently, my sense is that the Spirit is shifting the angle of these writings more to becoming a division of “the field hospital” that Pope Francis is encouraging the Church to become (see The Field Hospital).

The remaining question for me is what the Lord wishes me to do with Embracing Hope, the webcast arm of my ministry. You see, my friends, it’s just me here. I have one staff member who handles the retail aspects of my music, book, and other items, and my wife who handles the website design and management. And then it’s me. I can only do so much. To record my music, webcasts, edit them, write to you, manage our little farm, and raise eight children… my plate is full! However, I am still praying about creative ways to use my webcasts as the Lord leads. Please offer a pray for that too, as I know many of you have really benefited from these broadcasts (see them at Embracing Hope).



In October last year, I wrote about The Franciscan Revolution quietly taking place in the Church. I wrote that my wife and I feel called to respond more directly to Our Lord’s words to Go, sell everything… come, and follow Me. And so, we have been trying to be faithful to those words as best we can in our circumstances. Our farm has been up for sale now since then; we have been selling off whatever is not absolutely essential, and preparing ourselves to move where the Spirit is leading us. At this time, we are being drawn to the East Coast, but are continuing to pray and discern that.

I mentioned also that I have been dealing with a health issue: dizziness, losing my balance, and at times an inability to properly focus. I am seeing the doctors, trying to eliminate any other causes before we take a look at what’s happening between my ears. So thanks so much for your prayers.

So from all of my family, and from the deepest part of my heart, we extend our gratitude, love, and prayers for all of you that this New Year may bring you a deep sense of God’s presence, love, and care for you.

The LORD bless you and keep you!
The LORD let his face shine upon you,
and be gracious to you!
The LORD look upon you kindly and give you peace!
(Num 6:24-26)

With love and prayers for a blessed 2014, from The Mallett Clan



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