It’s Happening Again


I HAVE published a few meditations at my sister site (Countdown to the Kingdom). Before I list these… may I just say thank you to everyone who has written notes of encouragement, offered prayers, Masses, and contributed to the “war effort” here. I am so grateful. You have been a strength to me at this time. I am so sorry that I cannot write everyone back, but I read everything and am praying for all of you.



• On how the Church has lost sight of her mission: read Who Are We Again? 

• On the approaching “Day of the Lord”: The Day of the Lord

• How the Antichrist is the final “king that we deserve”: The Kings We Deserve

• Warnings from the secular “prophets”: It’s Happening Again

Love Jesus. Stay close to Mother. Frequent the Sacraments, and continue to pray when it’s hardest. You’re going to be okay… 

You are loved,


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