It's Time

Mark presenting his music to Pope Benedict XVI


JUST over a year ago, my wife and I suddenly felt called to move from our home to a different province in Canada. Within weeks, we found a small town where we felt drawn to a particular home. We sold our house and whatever possessions we didn’t need, loaded up our seven children, and were followed by a thunderstorm the entire six hour journey. When we arrived at our home, the storm stopped directly over our house, and remained there for three hours, putting on a spectacular lightning show. It seemed symbolic of the Great Storm gathering on the horizon of the world… a storm for which Heaven has been preparing us, and which now, has arrived.



One night while driving home, I asked the Lord, "What is it Lord? Why have you brought us here?" I looked out my window, and Venus was changing colors from bright white to red… like the colors of the Divine Mercy image, pouring forth from Jesus’ heart.

I arrived home at midnight, my soul pregnant with a word waiting to come forth. Just then, my wife felt a surge of "anticipation" rising in her heart, and came down to my office, sat in a chair, and stared at me.

Suddenly, this word began to pour forth… it was a broad word, but the gist of it was that Jesus was asking me to speak the "now word". I had an image in my head of several souls gathered in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, listening to the "now word" of the Holy Spirit. Then, after a period of discernment, speaking that word using television and the internet. The sense was that I was going to broadcast my messages at a time when events would begin to unfold; that in some ways, the broadcasts would speak about things which then would be imminent.

I wrote it down, as well as some other things the Lord seemed to be saying to my wife and I. I felt that I was to "wait" for the Lord to bring this vision forth at the right time. My previous trip to Rome seemed to be preparing me for this (see A Day of Grace).



Last week, a simple word rose up in my heart:

It’s time.

That is, time to begin broadcasting the messages that the Lord has been placing on my heart, and which I have been submitting to my spiritual directors for guidance and direction. Well, it should be clear to most of us that events indeed are beginning to unfold quite rapidly. In fact, I believe that things may happen so quickly that it will be difficult for us to keep pace, and thus, it will be critical that we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus; fixed on His love and promises; fixed on the teachings which He has deposited into the hands of the Holy Father and the Bishops in union with him; fixed on the movements within our hearts; fixed upon the will of God.

It is to this end, I believe, that I have been prepared for this mission. Indeed, I had a career in television news which ended earlier in this decade. One of the things I wrote and produced was a documentary which aired across Canada and was awarded documentary of the year by the secular establishment. It was called, "What in the World is Going On?" It had to do with the remarkable events occurring in nature, society, and souls which were changing the landscape of the world… Little did I know what God was preparing me for back then!



Well, I do not wish to be presumptuous either. However, my spiritual director did not hesitate when I asked Him if this was from the Lord. He echoed the words of both Pope Benedict and John Paul II who have called us Catholics to use the media to spread the Gospel. And so, I will do my best. I will release details of this new mission shortly as we continue to put things in place.

As you know, I often ask for your prayers, and rarely ask for your financial support. However, the writing I am doing for you on this website, the book I am still drafting, and now this venture, are consuming nearly all of my time. Unlike my music ministry, though, I am unable to sell CD’s at a table or pass the collection basket around after I post a writing. Yet, those were the means by which this ministry has survived in the past, and how I have fed and diapered my kids.

Bottom line: it will be difficult, if not impossible, for me to do this ministry without help from the Body of Christ. Last time I appealed for help, we were so blessed with your support that I was often moved to tears, especially by those gifts which many of you simply could not afford, but made anyway. And there are still the odd donations that trickle in, and every one of them are received with great love and appreciation. Well, this time—considering the financial crisis occurring—I beg those who cannot afford to give at this time not to put yourselves in a worse situation! I am here to serve you, not to burden you! I simply ask those who are able, to consider donating once again. 

And so… it’s time. With God’s grace, and your help, the next phase of my ministry will begin.



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Thank you so much! Your prayers are needed now more than ever. God bless you.


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