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A LOT is happening in the world since our ministry and family moved to a new location the past couple weeks. The Pope released a new encyclical which has been widely (if not wildly) interpreted. I have not had time to read the document, but hope to later this summer. In the meantime, Michael O’Brien, perched from his powerfully prophetic watchtower, has posted a potent insight on the encyclical here. Also, John-Henry Western clarifies the Holy Father’s call for a "world political authority" and why this is not a call for a one world government here.

Major social changes, if not upheaval, continue to germinate in the United States. It is, I believe, part of the trend toward a major revolution (see my writing Revolution!).

My new book, The Final Confrontation, had some delays, but is now in the final stage before printing. It will be available later this summer.

And as I mentioned before, we are constructing a new studio facility where we are now located—a simple, quiet facility out in the country. Once again, I need to turn to my readers for some specific and critical needs at this time. Though you would not have noticed, the first four episodes of Embracing Hope were wrought with technical difficulties which we have, for the most part, been able to hide. However, it means we need to move to a broadcast-type camera ($5500). We also need your support to build the studio ($6000) and cover some costly repairs for my aging tour bus. Knowing that these are increasingly hard economic times, not just for us, but for all of you, I make my appeal to those of you who are able to help us financially at this time. Contributions can be made here at our Donation’s link (which may also take you to our safe and secure website for online contributions.) Thank you again to everyone who has helped us in the past. This letter comes to you today because your generosity has enabled us to pay for this email service, etc.

Since I have significantly reduced my ministry tours in order to write my book and launch my webcast, we are almost solely surviving on the generosity and support of my readers. Like all of you, I have had to enter new levels of trust and faith in God’s providence knowing I have 9 other mouths and a mortgage to feed. In fact, the past few months have been a strange, desert experience where God has been mostly silent, and as many of you have or are experiencing, there is a sense that He is "far away." But we must be cautious when interpreting God through our feelings, especially when they are feelings of discouragement, fear, and anxiety. We almost always tend to feel at those times that God has abandoned us. Mother Teresa experienced these feelings also, intensely in fact, but showed us the way through them: to continue on the path of the will of God. That is, to love, and serve, and remain humble before our "neighbour." It is to surrender to this sense of weakness and unknowing that has become the cross I must carry, the way Jesus surrendered to the Passion that lay before Him.

And so, I remind myself as well as you my beloved readers: Do not be afraid! God will never abandon you. You say that God has left you. Where is He going to go? How can He who is everywhere go away? Ah, but you say His blessings and grace are withdrawn because you are sinful, that He is displeased with you. But this too is false, for God seeks out the sinner. His Mercy is clamoring to be spent upon the most wretched of souls. He is ready to shower an ocean of graces upon each of us. But here is the key: when you ask for these graces, do not predict, analyze, or question how God is going to give them to you. Abandon yourself, rather, to His holy will made known to you in the duty of the moment and through His holy commandments.

And let us pray for one another. I do feel the graces and strength which comes through your intercession. I have been locked in an intense interior battle these weeks, and I know that your prayers in the past have come to my assistance. I pray each day for you also.

A couple days ago, words rolled off my tongue that surprised me. I said to my wife, "I believe my ministry is just beginning." Whether that was from the Spirit or me, I know not… but as I look out the window at the events unfolding before us, I suspect these words carry some truth.

God’s grace and peace remain with you always.

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