Weeds Among the Wheat



DURING prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, I was given a strong impression of a necessary and painful purification coming for the Church.

The time is at hand for the separation of the weeds that have grown among the wheat. (This meditation was first published August 15th, 2007.)



I saw in my heart the image of a bishop’s staff lying in the mud. The shepherd’s staff, which is used to guide and protect the sheep—yet lying in the mud—is symbolic of the silence of the bishops, particularly over the past 40 years since the false interpretations of Vatican II began, and the rejection of Humanae Vitae—the Church’s teaching on artificial contraception. Because of these and the resulting virulent spread of error and sin, the enemy has been able to enter the pastures of the Church to sow weeds among the wheat (see Trumpets of Warning–Part I).

‘Master, did you not sow good seed in your field? Where have the weeds come from?’ He answered, ‘An enemy has done this.’ His slaves said to him, ‘Do you want us to go and pull them up?’ He replied, ‘No, if you pull up the weeds you might uproot the wheat along with them. Let them grow together until harvest; then at harvest time I will say to the harvesters, “First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles for burning; but gather the wheat into my barn.” (Matt 13:27-30)

…through some cracks in the wall the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God.  —Pope Paul VI, Homily during the Mass for Sts. Peter & Paul, June 29, 1972,

As any good farmer knows, weeds left unattended will at times overwhelm portions of a crop, leaving but a remnant of wheat. It is not that Christ intends to save only a few—He desires to save everyone! But man is created with free will, and until the end he will remain free to reject Christ’s invitation of love and mercy. The Lord warns us that not all will be saved—indeed they may be few in number.

When the Son of Man returns, will He find any faith left on the earth? (Luke 18:8 )



The harvest is the end of the age, and the harvesters are angels. (Matt 13:39)

Jesus indicates that a harvest comes, not at the end of time, but at the end of the age

The Son of Man will send his angels, and they will collect out of his kingdom all who cause others to sin and all evildoers. Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. (Matt 13:41-43) 

Evil will be permitted to grow among the good seed who are “the children of the kingdom.” But there will come a time when this evil will be sifted out by the angels of the Lord in the form of a series of chastisements (the seals, trumpets, and bowls of Revelation.)

For see, I have given the command to sift the house of Israel among all the nations, as one sifts with a sieve, letting no pebble fall to the ground. By the sword shall all sinners among my people die, those who say, “Evil will not reach or overtake us.” (Amos 9:9)

These chastisements will include, as Christ warns in the Gospels, a persecution of His followers.

It will be a Great Purification of the Church.  








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