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I HOPE to answer a couple of your questions at this time regarding the new website: www.embracinghope.tv.

A few viewers are having difficulty seeing the videos. I have established a Help Page that will solve 99.9% of these issues, including questions on MP3’s and iPod versions. If you are having difficulty, please click here: HELP.



Many of you have been introduced to my ministry through my writings, where evidently, several of you have found "spiritual food" and many other graces. For this, I thank God continually that He has used these writings in spite of the writing instrument.

The same Lord who has inspired these writings also placed it on my heart to begin a webcast. It’s taken me a year to find my feet again in television, and now I see what the Lord is doing. There is a kind of "dance" beginning to occur now between my writings and the webcasts. Where as before I would say "If you miss the webcasts, don’t worry, I’ll write about it…", that’s no longer true. The webcast and writings are like the left and right hands of a body. You can get by with one or the other, but there’s so much more you can do with two. That’s one of the major reasons why I felt it absolutely necessary to make the webcasts freely available to the public. 

This ministry is not my design; I didn’t wake up one morning and decide to stand in the middle of the town square with a bulls-eye on my forehead. I love to talk about prayer, the Sacraments, the power of God, our Blessed Mom… about Jesus! But the "end times," chastisement, persecution…? The Lord has slowly led me to this place, gently nudging me along the way against my perpetual resistance. I too have been ministered to by these writings and webcasts, often learning as much as the next person as these teachings unfold. 

As I continue to meditate on the words which are coming to me, the seriousness of this ministry never leaves me. My writings and webcasts are a preparation, I believe, for events directly before the Church and the world. Thus, if your spirit agrees that this ministry is preparing you, then make time for it.  I am not saying this out of a sense of false importance. Nor am I suggesting that this is the only place for preparation. No, there are many flowers in God’s garden; there are many colors in the rainbow, and each has its own way of drawing and attracting souls. What I believe is unique here is that this ministry presents the prophetic word of God referenced to the authoritative voice of the Magisterium so that the faithful (including the skeptics and doubting Thomases) can rest knowing that this ministry is not some guy’s soapbox, but the voice of the Spirit speaking to the Bride through the shepherds. What’s good is God’s—the rest is me.

Someone wrote recently after I posted an eleven minute video (and I only post one video a week). She said she simply didn’t have time to watch it. I know… we live in a world where we have short attention spans and only pause now for a YouTube clip that’s three minutes long. But we need to put this in perspective: eleven minutes out of an entire week?? Brothers and sisters, I have stepped out in faith, dependent now entirely upon divine providence to bring you these messages. If they are feeding you, please make time for them, because the message is getting more urgent as the dance draws closer to an end…

If you are just joining these webcasts, then I suggest starting with The Prophecy at Rome series. They are shorter, and they encompass the entire picture of both my writings and webcasts. At www.embracinghope.tv, choose the Category "The Prophecy at Rome". Then, start with Part I and prayerfully walk with the series.

Also, I am starting to add "Related Writings" to the page where the webcasts are found. This will help you cross-reference the webcasts now to the blog.

Ultimately, I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing until the Lord says "stop," even if no one is listening. May Christ help us to stay awake in this late hour. May our Mother continue to intercede and remain with us. May the Spirit of Jesus enliven us, fan the flame of zeal for souls, and the desire to grow in virtue and holiness.

And may God bless you for your support, your prayers, and your love that continues to sustain me. 

Your servant in Jesus, 

Mark Mallett



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