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The Mallett Clan, 2018
Nicole, Denise with husband Nick, Tianna with husband Michael and our grand baby Clara, Moi with my bride Lea and our son Brad, Gregory with Kevin, Levi, and Ryan


WE want to thank those who responded to our appeal for donations for this full-time writing apostolate. About 3% of our readership has contributed, which will help us to cover the salary of our staff. But, of course, we need to raise funds for other ministry expenses and our own bread and butter. If you are able to support this work as part of your Lenten almsgiving, just click the Donate button at the bottom. 



Other ways you can support this ministry is to buy the resources available in my Store. NOTE: for those who donate $75 or more, you will receive a coupon code allowing you to purchase anything in the Store at 50% off—including my book The Final Confrontation, which is a summary of the writings on this website. Here’s what reviewers had to say:

The end result was hope and joy! …a clear guide & explanation for the times we are in and the ones we are rapidly heading towards.
—John LaBriola, Onward Catholic Solder

…a remarkable book.
—Joan Tardif, Catholic Insight

The Final Confrontation is a gift of grace to the Church.
—Michael D. O’Brien, author of Father Elijah

Mark Mallett has written a must-read book, an indispensable vademecum for the decisive times ahead, and a well-researched survival guide to the challenges looming over the Church, our nation, and the world… The Final Confrontation will prepare the reader, as no other work I have read, to face the times before us with courage, light, and grace ­ confident that the battle ­ and especially this ultimate battle ­ belongs to the Lord.
—the late Fr. Joseph Langford, MC, Co-founder with St. Teresa Calcutta of the Missionaries of Charity Fathers; Author of Mother Teresa: In the Shadow of Our Lady, and Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire

In these days of tumult and treachery, Christ’s reminder to be watchful reverberates powerfully in the hearts of those who love Him… This important new book by Mark Mallett can help you watch and pray ever more intently as unsettling events unfold. It is a potent reminder that, however dark and difficult things may get, “He Who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.
—Patrick Madrid, author of Search and Rescue and Pope Fiction



If you have not read The Tree by my daughter, then you are in for a rare treat. Don’t take my word for it, though. Here’s what reviewers had to say of one of my favorite novels that left me laughing, crying, and hanging on every word:

Calling Denise Mallett an incredibly gifted author is an understatement! The Tree is captivating and beautifully written. I keep on asking myself, “How can somebody write something like this?” Speechless.
—Ken Yasinski, Catholic speaker, author & founder of FacetoFace Ministries

Mallett has penned a truly epic human and theological tale of adventure, love, intrigue, and the search for ultimate truth and meaning. If this book is ever made into a movie—and it should be—the world need only surrender to the truth of the everlasting message.
—Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC, author & speaker

From the first word to the last I was captivated, suspended between awe and amazement. How did one so young write such intricate plot lines, such complex characters, such compelling dialogue? How had a mere teenager mastered the craft of writing, not just with proficiency, but with depth of feeling? How could she treat profound themes so deftly without the least bit of preachiness? I am still in awe. Clearly the hand of God is in this gift.
Janet Klasson, author of The Pelianito Journal Blog

From the moment I picked up The Tree, I could not put it down… What most impressed me, however, was the depth of knowledge and understanding of the human person that Mallett shows in her characters. A great story and treasure. —Jennifer M.



Denise also writes a blog with the same remarkable way with words. Her simple but profound spirituality spills over into sentences like a peaceful trickling brook . You can read or subscribe to her blog here: www.denisemallett.com 

Also, our daughter Tianna, whose art has been featured here several times, has started a blog. In her own writing style and perspective as a young woman, she reflects on some of the thornier issues in our day from the meaning of freedom to atheism. You can read her insights here: www.ti-spark.ca. While you’re there, check out her stunning religious art



Last, you can support this ministry by buying my music directly from us. Just click on the album covers below to go to my Store. Ya, we still sell CD’s with inserts and photos! 

Thank you so much for your love, support, and prayers. It’s what makes it possible for me to continue writing, singing, and reaching souls.

You are loved!




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