The Prophecy at Rome – Part II

Paul VI with Ralph

Ralph Martin meeting with Pope Paul VI, 1973

IT is a powerful prophecy, given in the presence of Pope Paul VI, that resonates with the "sense of the faithful" in our days. In Episode 11 of Embracing Hope, Mark begins to examine sentence by sentence the prophecy given in Rome in 1975. To view the latest webcast, visit

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I am a professed Third Order Carmelite living as a hermit, offering my life for the sanctification of priests and consecrated souls. … First of all, I want to thank you for your reflections. Without exception, each reflection is truly spiritual nourishment for hungry souls… I’m not a theologian but certainly informed in Catholic theology with both a Bacholar’s and Master’s in Theology… Your communication of our holy faith is 100% solid truth in conformity to Church faith and tradition.Your knowledge of Sacred Scripture is awesome and communicates that His Word has taken root in your heart and lived with great zeal. For all this, I thank you… —A.O. USA

Thank God that He has put you on my path… At one point, last year, I started reading your blog and I became suspicious and wary about what you were writing on eschatology and private revelations and I even shared this with my spiritual director… but he spoke highly of you, which encouraged me to read further and deeper your blogs and even order your book and get a yearly subscription to your special videocast. Because of the proliferation of self-professed prophets and seers, from all churches and outside, I am highly cautious about this phenomenon which is certainly not novel in the history of the Church. I have taught Church history and also the Church Fathers, so I know that this is nothing new. But I am also careful to heed the words of Paul: “Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise the words of prophets, but test everything; hold fast to what is good” (1Thess. 5:19-21). I am now eager to read your blogs and watch your videocast as I have started also to enjoy reading your book. I am more and more at peace and at ease with the prayerful meditations that you share with us on your blog and your videocast… —Fr. G., Canada

You are such a blessing to all who read your inspired words. I believe God is using you in a powerful way to touch many hearts. I know you have touched mine. —J.G. Virginia, USA

…your writings call out to something deep within me – I feel that the truth of heaven is being transmitted in what you write. It often feels "lonely" since very few people my age have any concept about what you write about, but I pray that my knowledge of these topics can be shared with my friends and peers, if God wants me to share! I hope that my small donation will help your ministry grow… —D.H. New Hampshire, USA

I was researching information on Marian apparitions and discovere
d his blog. It immediately struck me as authentic, devout, and honorable to what God
wants to teach us. The site was also so well-researched and well-written filled with much encouragement. I now absolutely look forward to every update that I see in my "new mail" box. —B.H. Georgia, USA

I have listened to "Through Her Eyes" almost every day since I received it. I love it. I have always had trouble saying the rosary, now I can say it along with you. I can play your CD while preparing for work or while traveling in my car. What a blessing! I began saying the "Chaplet of Mercy" daily which lead me to your website. I have felt lead to pray the rosary daily lately too. Your CD is perfect. I have enjoyed it so much I wanted to hear more of your songs so I am ordering your first CD today and your book. I feel that your music will help many people grow closer to the Lord. —P.B. Ohio, USA

Thank you for doing God’s will and I hope that my small donation will help you to do so. You answered a lot of questions I had and clarified the confusion about the times we live in. God bless you and your family! —S.P. Quebec, Canada

Thank you Mark for a clearer explanation of the tragedies and calamities that have been occurring throughout the world in recent times. Stay with us Mark, as your are a guiding light for us who are in he dark and much weaker in our faith. —G.M. USA

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