The Winds of Change Are Blowing Again…


LAST NIGHT, I had this tremendous urge to get in the car and drive. As I headed out of town, I saw a red harvest moon resurrecting over the hill.

I parked on a country road, and stood and watched the rising as a strong east wind blew across my face. And the following words dropped into my heart:

The winds of change have begun to blow again.

Last spring, as I traveled across North America in a concert tour in which I preached to thousands of souls to prepare for the times ahead, a strong wind literally followed us across the continent, from the day we left to the day we returned. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

As the summer began, I had the sense that this was going to be a time of peace, preparation, and blessing. The calm before the storm.  Indeed, the days have been hot, calm, and peaceful.

But a new harvest begins. 

The winds of change have begun to blow again.

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