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How Long?

Christ Grieving Over the World
, by Michael D. O’Brien


FROM a letter I recently received:

I have read your writings for 2 years and feel they are so on track. My wife receives locutions and so much of what she writes down is parallel to yours.

But I have to share with you that both my wife and I have been so disheartened over the past several months. We feel as if we are losing the battle and the war. Look around and see all of the evil. It is as if Satan is winning in all areas. We feel so ineffective and so full of despair. We feel like giving up, at a time when the Lord and Blessed Mother need us and our prayers the most!! We feel like we are becoming "a deserter", as it said in one of your writings. I have fasted every week for almost 9 years, but in the past 3 months I have only been able to do it twice.

You speak of hope and the victory that is coming in the battle Mark. Do you have any words of encouragement ? How long are we going to have to endure and suffer in this world we live in ? 


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The Great Meshing – Part II


MANY of my writings have focused on the hope which is dawning in our world. But I am also compelled to address the darkness which proceeds the Dawn. It is so that when these things happen, you will not lose faith. It has never been my intention to frighten or depress my readers. But neither is it my intention to paint this present darkness in false shades of yellow. Christ is our victory! But He commanded us to be "wise as serpents" for the battle is not yet over. Watch and pray, He said.

You are the little flock given to my care, and I intend to stay awake on my watch, despite the cost…


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The New Tower of Babel

Artist Unknown


First published May 16th, 2007. I have added some thoughts which came to me last week as the scientific community launched experiments with its underground “atom-smasher.”  With economic foundations beginning to crumble (the current “rebound” in stocks are an illusion), this writing is more timely than ever.

I realize that the nature of these writings this past week are difficult. But the truth sets us free. Always, always bring yourself back to the present moment and be anxious about nothing. Simply, stay awake… watch and pray!


The Tower of Babel

THE past couple weeks, those words have been on my heart. 


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Times of the Trumpets – Part IV



WHEN I wrote Part I of this series two weeks ago, the image of Queen Esther came to mind, standing in the gap for her people. I felt there was something more significant about this. And I believe this email I received explains why:


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More on Our Lady’s Hands…

The recent fire near the broken statue of Our Lady of Medjugorje


THE emails continue to roll in on the seeming phenomenon of hands breaking off of Marian statues, sometimes without any apparent reason. Here’s one more sampling of letters:


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Images Moving Hearts



I HAVE received a landslide of replies to my last two meditations on the unborn. There is a strong sense from nearly all those who have written that these images are necessary in the battle to end infanticide within the womb. 

Here are a few samples of the many moving and emotional letters I received which are a testimony to the power of telling—and showing the truth…


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Controversial Images

Scene from The Passion of the Christ


EVERY day as I comb the news headlines, I am faced with the violence and evil of this world. I find it exhausting, but also recognize it as my duty as a "watchman" to try and sift through this stuff to find the "word" hidden in the world’s events. But the other day, the face of evil really got to me when I entered the video store for the first time in months to rent a movie for my daughter’s birthday. As I scanned the shelves for a family movie, I was faced with image after image of dismembered bodies, half-naked women, demonic faces, and other violent images. I was looking into the mirror of a culture obsessed with sex and violence. 

And yet, no one seems to openly object to this gruesome display which is scanned each day by young and old alike, and yet, when a picture of the reality of abortion is shown, some people are deeply offended. People pay to see violent movies, even rousing dramas such as Braveheart, Schindler’s List, or Saving Private Ryan where the reality of evil is graphically portrayed; or they play video games depicting unbelievable brutality and gruesome violence, and yet, somehow this is acceptable—but a photo giving voice to the voiceless is not.


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Times of the Trumpets – Part III

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Artist Unknown


MORE letters continue to come in from reader’s whose Marian statues have a broken left hand. Some can explain why their statue broke, while others cannot. But perhaps that is not the point. I think what is significant is that it is always a hand. 


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Times of the Trumpets – Part II


I received several letters in response to my last meditation. As usual, God speaks through the Body. Here is what some readers have to say:


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