I Am Not Worthy

Peter’s Denial, by Michael D. O’Brien


From a reader:

My concern and question is within myself.  I have been raised Catholic and have also done the same with my daughters. I have tried to go to church practically every Sunday and have tried to be involved with activities at church and in my community too.  I have tried to be "good."  I go to Confession and Communion and pray the Rosary occasionally. My concern and sadness is that I find that I am so far from Christ according to everything I read.  It’s so hard to live up to Christ’s expectations.  I love Him so much, but I’m not even close to what He wants from me.  I try to be like the saints, but it only seems to last a second or two, and I’m back to being my mediocre self.  I can’t concentrate when I pray or when I’m at Mass.  I do many things wrong.  In your news letters you talk of the coming of [Christ’s merciful judgment], chastisements etc…  You talk of how to be prepared.  I’m trying but, I just can’t seem to get close.  I feel like I’m going to be in Hell or at the bottom of Purgatory.  What do I do?  What does Christ think of someone like me who’s just a puddle of sin and keeps falling down?


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