The Great Unfolding

The Dream
, by Michael D. O’Brien



I HAVE been writing you consistently now, dear friends, for about three years. The writings called The Petals formed the foundation; the Trumpets of Warning! followed to expand those thoughts, with several other writings to fill the gaps in between; The Seven Year Trial series is essentially a correlation of the above writings according to the Church’s teaching that the Body will follow its Head in its own Passion.

On the past Feast of the Epiphany in 2008, I had somewhat of an "epiphany" myself as all these writings suddenly came into focus. They were laid out before me clearly, in a finer chronology. I waited for a confirmation from the Lord, which He provided in several ways—the primary one being the spiritual director of these writings. 

On the feast of Mary, Mother of God last year, I had also received another word, that 2008 would be the Year of the Unfolding. Not that everything would unfold at once, but that there would be definitive beginnings. Indeed, shortly after, we began to see headlines of The Perfect Storm gathering in the economy, the food supply, and other areas of society. Now, the end of 2008 has been punctuated by a grave crisis in the Middle East, some of the meanest winter weather on record in various areas, and 2009 has begun with severe earthquakes in Asia. Also notable is the administration change in the United States toward a socialist agenda by a young politician no one knows much about—a man also determined to make abortion unrestricted in his country. More than that, the new presidency, combined with a global economic crisis, appears to be paving the way towards a New World Order. At least, this is the language being used by heads of state across the world…

How can we fail to see that man is beginning to reap what he has sown: a civilization which rather than embracing the wisdom of God’s order, is embracing a culture of death and all its unforeseen consequences?

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