Vision of our Times

Painting of the "last vision" of Sr. Lucia

IN what has become known as the "last vision" of Fatima seer Sr. Lucia, while praying before the Blessed Sacrament, she saw a scene which carries many symbols for the period which began with the Virgin’s apparitions up to our present time, and the times to come:

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To The Bastion! — Part II


AS the crises in the Vatican as well as the Legionaries of Christ unfold in full public view, this writing has come back to me over and over again. God is stripping the Church of all that is not of Him (see The Naked Baglady). This stripping will not end until the “money-changers” have been purified from the Temple. Something new will be born: Our Lady is not laboring as the “woman clothed in the sun” for nothing. 

We are going to see what will appear to be the entire edifice of the Church torn down. However, there will remain—and this is Christ’s promise—the foundation on which the Church is built.

Are you ready?


First published September 27th, 2007:


TWO small trumpets have been placed in my hands which I feel compelled to blow this day. The first:

That which is built on sand is crumbling!


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