Pope Benedict and the Two Columns




First published July 18th, 2007, I have updated this writing on this feast day of St. John Bosco. Again, when I update these writings, it’s because I sense Jesus saying He wants us to hear it again… Note: Many readers are writing me reporting that they are no longer able to receive these newsletters, even though they’ve subscribed. The number of these instances is increasing every month. The only solution is to make it a habit to check this website every couple of days to see if I have posted a new writing. Sorry about this inconvenience. You can try writing your server and ask that all emails from markmallett.com be allowed through to your email. Also, make sure that the junk filters in your email program are not filtering out these emails. Lastly, I thank all of you for your letters to me. I try to respond whenever I can, but the obligations of my ministry and family life often require that I am brief or simply unable to respond at all. Thank you for understanding.


I HAVE written here before that I believe we are living in the days of the prophetic dream of St. John Bosco (read the full text here.) It is a dream in which the Church, represented as a great flagship, is bombarded and attacked by several enemy vessels surrounding it. The dream seems more and more to fit our times…

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The Luciferian Star


There will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven. (Luke 21:11)




IT was about two years ago that I first noticed it. We were standing on a hill at a monastery when I looked up, and there in the sky was a very bright object. “It’s just an aircraft,” a monk said to me. But twenty minutes later, it was still there. We all stood stunned, amazed at how bright it was.


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Follow Jesus Without Fear!

In the face of totalitarianism… 


Originally posted May 23, 2006:


A letter from a reader: 

I want to voice some concerns about what you write on your site. You keep implying that “The End [of the age] Is Near.” You keep implying that the Antichrist will inevitably come within my lifetime (I am twenty-four). You keep implying that it is too late for [chastisements to be averted]. I may be oversimplifying, but that’s the impression I get. If that is the case, then what’s the point of going on?

For instance, look at me. Ever since my Baptism, I have dreamed of being a storyteller for God’s greater glory. I have recently decided I am best as a writer of novels and such, so now I have just started to focus on developing prose skills. I dream of creating literary works that will touch people’s hearts for decades to come. At times like this I feel like I’ve been born in the worst possible time. Do you recommend that I throw away my dream? Do you recommend that I throw away my creative gifts? Do you recommend that I never look forward to the future?


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Twilight of the Era

Earth at Twilight



IT seems the whole world is crying out in jubilance that we are entering a “new era” with the inauguration of President Barack Obama: an “era of peace,” renewed prosperity, and advanced human rights. From Asia to France, from Cuba to Kenya, it is undeniable that the new president is viewed as a savior, his arrival the herald of a new day.

The emotion throughout the city—and no doubt much of the country too—was palpable. People so desire President Obama to succeed that their belief in him is almost an act of faith. It was perhaps appropriate that I had to kneel for much of the inauguration ceremony—though only because the people sitting behind us demanded that we get off our feet. —Toby Harnden, US Editor for Telegraph.co.uk; January 21st, 2009 commenting on the Inauguration.

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What If?


Yet, every so often, the oath is taken amidst gathering clouds and raging storms… America must play its role in ushering in a new era of peace. —President Barack Hussein Obama, Inaugural Speech, January 20th, 2009


SO… what if Obama begins to bring stability to the world? What if foreign tensions begin to ease? What if the war in Iraq seems to conclude? What if racial tensions ease? What if the stock markets begin to rebound? What if there appears to be a new peace in the world?

Then I would tell you it is a false peace. For there can be no real and lasting peace when death in the womb is enshrined as a universal "right."

This writing, which was first published November 5th, 2008, has been updated from today’s inaugural speech.

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The Prophecy at Rome



IT was Pentecost Monday of May, 1975. A prophecy was given in Rome in the presence of Pope Paul VI by a layman little known at the time. Ralph Martin, one of the founders of what is known today as the "Charismatic Renewal," spoke a word which seems to be drawing ever closer to fulfillment.

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The Great Storm


We cannot hide the fact that many threatening clouds are gathering on the horizon. We must not, however, lose heart, rather we must keep the flame of hope alive in our hearts. For us as Christians the true hope is Christ, the Father’s gift to humanity… Only Christ can help us build a world in which justice and love reign. —POPE BENEDICT XVI, Catholic News Agency, January 15th, 2009


THE Great Storm has arrived at the shores of humanity. It is soon to pass over the whole world. For there is a Great Shaking needed to awaken this humanity.

Thus says the LORD of hosts: Lo! Calamity stalks from nation to nation; a great storm is unleashed from the ends of the earth. (Jeremiah 25:32)

As I pondered over the terrible disasters which are unfolding rapidly around the world, the Lord brought to my attention the response to them. After 911 and the Asian Tsunami; after Hurricane Katrina and the wildfires of California; after the cyclone in Mynamar and the earthquake in China; in the midst of this current economic storm—there has barely been any lasting recognition that we need to repent and turn from evil; no real connection that our sins are manifesting in nature itself (Rom 8:19-22). In an almost astonishing defiance, nations continue to legalize or protect abortion, redefine marriage, genetically modify and clone creation, and pipe pornography into the hearts and homes of families. The world has failed to make the connection that without Christ, there is chaos.

Yes… CHAOS is the name of this Storm.


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The Day of Difference!

Artist Unknown


I have updated this writing which I first published October 19th, 2007:


I HAVE written often that we need to stay awake, to watch and pray, unlike the slumbering apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane. How critical this vigilance has become! Perhaps many of you feel a great fear that you are either asleep, or perhaps that you will fall asleep, or that you will even run from the Garden! 

But there is one crucial difference between the apostles of today, and the Apostles of the Garden: Pentecost. Before Pentecost, the Apostles were fearful men, full of doubt, denial, and timidity. But after Pentecost, they were transformed. Suddenly, these once ineffectual men burst into the streets of Jerusalem before their persecutors, preaching the Gospel without compromise! The difference?



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Living Wells



WHAT does it mean to become a living well?



What is it about souls who have achieved a degree of holiness? There is a quality there, a "substance" which one wants to linger in. Many have left changed people after encounters with Blessed Mother Teresa or John Paul II, even though at times little was spoken between them. The answer is that these extraordinary souls had become living wells.

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