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The Popes, and The Dawning Era

Photo, Max Rossi/Reuters


THERE can be no doubt that the pontiffs of the last century have been exercising their prophetic office so as to awaken believers to the drama unfolding in our day. It is a decisive battle between the culture of life and the culture of death… the woman clothed with the sun, in labor giving birth to a new era, and the dragon who seeks to destroy (see Rev 12:1-4). Both John Paul II and Benedict XVI have described this battle—indicating both its nearness and perilousness—by comparing it to a gathering storm:

It is precisely at the end of the second millennium that immense, threatening clouds converge on the horizon of all humanity and darkness descends upon human souls. —POPE JOHN PAUL II, prayer in the Piazza, Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, December 8, 1983

We cannot hide the fact that many threatening clouds are gathering on the horizon. We must not, however, lose heart, rather we must keep the flame of hope alive in our hearts… —POPE BENEDICT XVI, Catholic News Agency, January 15th, 2009


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The Collapse of America and The New Persecution


IT was with a strange heaviness of heart that I boarded a jet to the United States yesterday, on my way to give a conference this weekend in North Dakota. At the same time our jet took off, Pope Benedict’s plane was landing in the United Kingdom. He has been much on my heart these days—and much in the headlines.

As I was leaving the airport, I was compelled to buy a news magazine, something I rarely do. I was caught by the title “Is American Going Third World?”  It is a report about how American cities, some more than others, are beginning to decay, their infrastructures collapsing, their money virtually run out. America is ‘broke’, said a high-level politician in Washington. In one county in Ohio, the police force is so small due to cutbacks, that the county judge recommended that citizens ‘arm yourselves’ against criminals. In other States, street lights are being shut off, paved roads are being turned into gravel, and jobs into dust.

It was surreal for me to write about this coming collapse a few years ago before the economy began to tumble (see The Year of the Unfolding). It is even more surreal to see it happening now before our eyes.



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The Word… Power to Change


POPE Benedict prophetically sees a "new springtime" in the Church fueled by meditation of Sacred Scripture. Why can reading the Bible transform your life and the entire Church? Mark answers this question in a webcast sure to stir a new hunger in viewers for the Word of God.

To watch The Word.. Power to Change, go to www.embracinghope.tv


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The Mind of Christ

Finding in the Temple, by Michael D. O’Brien


DO you really want to see change in your life? Do you really want to experience the power of God that transforms and liberates one from the powers of sin? It doesn’t happen on its own. No more than a branch can grow unless it draws from the vine, or a newborn baby can live unless it suckles. New life in Christ through Baptism is not the end; it is the beginning. But how many souls think that that is enough!



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Debunking the Sun Miracle Skeptics

Scene from The 13th Day


THE rain pelted the ground and drenched the crowds. It must have seemed like an exclamation point to the ridicule that filled the secular newspapers for months prior. Three shepherd children near Fatima, Portugal claimed that a miracle would occur in the Cova da Ira fields at high noon that day. It was October 13, 1917. As many as 30, 000 to 100, 000 people had gathered to witness it.

Their ranks included believers and non-believers, pious old ladies and scoffing young men. —Fr. John De Marchi, Italian priest and researcher; The Immaculate Heart, 1952


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Finding Peace

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DO you long for peace? In my encounters with other Christians in the past few years, the most evident spiritual malady is that few are at peace. Almost as if there is a common belief growing among Catholics that a lack of peace and joy is simply part of the suffering and spiritual attacks upon the Body of Christ. It is "my cross," we like to say. But that is a dangerous assumption bringing about an unfortunate consequence upon society as a whole. If the world is thirsting to see the Face of Love and to drink from the Living Well of peace and joy… but all they find are the brackish waters of anxiety and the mud of depression and anger in our souls… where will they turn?

God wants His people to live in interior peace at all times. And it is possible…



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The Face of Love


THE world is thirsting to experience God, to find the tangible presence of the One who created them. He is love, and therefore, it is the Presence of Love through His Body, His Church, that can bring salvation to a lonely and hurting humanity.

Charity alone will save the world. —St. Luigi Orione, L’Osservatore Romano, June 30th, 2010



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