Remembering Who We Are




EVERY year, we see and hear again the familiar motto, “Keep Christ in Christmas!” as a counter to the political correctness that has neutered Christmas store displays, school plays, and public speeches. But one could be forgiven for wondering if the Church herself has not lost her focus and “raison d’être”? After all, what does keeping Christ in Christmas mean? Making sure we say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays”? Putting up a manger as well as a tree? Going to midnight Mass? The words of Blessed Cardinal Newman have been lingering in my mind for several weeks:

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Mercy Christmas


DEAR brothers and sisters of the Lamb. I want to take a moment to thank so many of you for your prayers, love, and support this past year. Both my wife Lea and I have been incredibly blessed by your kindness, generosity, and the testimonies in how this little apostolate has touched your life. We are grateful to everyone who has donated, which has enabled me to continue my work that is now reaching hundreds of thousands of people each year.

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On Discernment of the Details


I AM receiving many letters at this time asking me about Charlie Johnston,, and other “seers” who claim to receive messages from Our Lady, angels, or even Our Lord. I am frequently being asked, “What do you think of this prediction or that?” Perhaps this is a good moment, then, to speak on discernment

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The Fall of Mystery Babylon


WHEN I began to write Mystery Babylon two years ago, I was taken aback at the remarkable, mostly unknown history of America, where the forces of darkness and light had a hand in her birth and formation. The conclusion was stunning, that despite the forces of good in that beautiful nation, the mysterious foundations of the country and its present state seem to fulfill, in dramatic fashion, the role of “Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth.” [1]cf. Rev 17:5; for an explanation as to why, read Mystery Babylon Again, I repeat my caveat of two years ago that this writing is not a judgment upon individual Americans, many whom I love and have developed deep friendships with. Rather, it is to shed light on the seemingly deliberate collapse of America that continues to fulfill the role of Mystery Babylon….

I am going to do this in the greatest economy of words possible, synthesizing books, interviews, and numerous articles so that you can understand the prophetic nature of what is happening, and about to happen in the United States, and indeed, the whole world, as central to the Storm that is now here…

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1. cf. Rev 17:5; for an explanation as to why, read Mystery Babylon

Mystery Babylon

He Will Reign, by Tianna (Mallett) Williams


AS the jet soared above California on my return home from my mission there in April of 2012, I felt compelled to read Chapters 17-18 of the Book of Revelation.

It seemed, again, as though a veil was lifting on this arcane book, like another page of thin tissue turning to reveal a bit more of the mysterious image of the “end times” emerging in our day. The word “apocalypse” means, in fact, the unveiling—a reference to the unveiling of a bride at her wedding. [1]cf. Is the Veil Lifting?

What I read began to place America in a completely new biblical light. To be sure I wasn’t reading into something that isn’t there, I have done some research that has left me somewhat astounded…

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He Wants to Touch Us

jt2_FotorArtist Unknown


ON the first night of my missions in Louisiana this past autumn, a woman approached me afterward, her eyes wide open, her mouth agape.

“I saw her,” she quietly whispered. “I saw the Blessed Mother.”

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Going to the Extremes

for December 11th, 2015
Friday of the Second Week of Advent

Liturgical texts here



THE real danger at this hour in the world is not that there is so much confusion, but that we would get caught up in it ourselves. In fact, panic, fear, and compulsive reactions are part of the Great Deception. It removes the soul from its center, which is Christ. Peace leaves, and with it, wisdom and the ability to see clearly. This is the real danger.

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Just Enough

for December 9th, 2015
Opt. Memorial of St. Juan Diego

Liturgical texts here

Elijah Fed by an Angel, by Ferdinand Bol (c. 1660 – 1663)


IN prayer this morning, a gentle Voice spoke to my heart:

Just enough to keep you going. Just enough to strengthen your heart. Just enough to pick you up. Just enough to keep you from falling… Just enough to keep you dependent on Me.

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Decompressing From Evil

for December 8th, 2015
Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception
of the Blessed Virgin Mary


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AS I collapsed into my wife’s arms this morning, I said, “I just need to rest for a moment. Too much evil…” It’s the first day of the Jubilee Year of Mercy—but I’m admittedly feeling a little physically drained and spiritually enervated. A lot’s happening in the world, one event upon the other, just as the Lord explained it would be (see The Seven Seals of Revolution). Still, keeping up to the demands of this writing apostolate means looking down the gaping mouth of darkness more than I desire. And I worry too much. Worry about my children; worry that I’m not doing God’s will; worry that I’m not giving my readers the right spiritual food, in the right doses, or the right content. I know I shouldn’t worry, I tell you not to, but I sometimes do. Just ask my spiritual director. Or my wife.

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