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THERE is a new breeze blowing through my soul. In the darkest of nights these past several months, it has been barely a whisper. But now it is beginning to sail through my soul, lifting my heart toward Heaven in a new way. I sense the love of Jesus for this little flock gathered here daily for Spiritual Food. It is a love that conquers. A love that has overcome the world. A love that will overcome all that is coming against us in the times ahead. You who are coming here, be of courage! Jesus is going to feed and strengthen us! He is going to equip us for the Great Trials that now loom over the world like a woman about to enter hard labour.

I have not stopped watching in these summer months. But like Mary, I have only been able to “ponder these things” in my heart without the grace to write much. But now the wind is filling my sails again, and I am eager to return to both the pen and the camera as the Lord guides me.

What can I say to you—so many of you who have written with words of encouragement, wisdom, and solace? I read every letter sent to me (even though it is has been impossible to reply to every one), and they have all fed my soul, given me strength to continue, and a renewed sense of purpose. So thank you… thank you for your filial love and prayers, not only for me, but for my wife and children as well.



As I have been writing and warning here for several years now, we are nearing major events in the world that will ultimately purify both it and the Church. From the economy, to Fukishima, to major shifts in climate, to social unrest, to Revolution, there is a perfect storm brewing. Yes, this too I hear in the breeze that, although gentle and warm right now, carries within it the tempest of justice. Over and over again it is clear to me that what the world faces is not the wrath of God, but the reaping of man’s choices, the harvest of nearly a hundred years of rebellion and corruption. How many times has God called us back to himself through His Mother! How many gifts have we been sent through the likes of St. Faustina, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and courageous pontiffs who have directed the Barque of Peter through the most tumultuous of times? Mercy never runs out. But time does. And time is nearly gone for this generation.



So this September, I will begin to resume putting forward what the Holy Spirit has been seeding in my heart these past months. And yes, this is more possible now because of your financial support. We have a goal to have 1000 readers donate $10 monthly to this ministry to meet all our office, staff, technological etc. needs. We are now 53 percent of the way there. The good news is that we are moving toward our goal. The bad news is that we are still running a deficit until we reach at least 75-80%. We need just under another 500 people to commit to only $10 a month, or 100 people to commit $50 a month, etc. etc. Please pray about helping me reach others through this ministry that has been a “lifeline” for so many, according to the letters we receive. Just click the donate button below.

Last of all, to all the priests who read this blog, know that I carry you especially in my heart. You are God’s chosen sons to bring Jesus and His mercy to us. Through your “yes”, your fiat, the world is being sustained in ways that we can barely understand. The Mass is the most powerful prayer on earth, for it is Jesus Himself through you that atonement is made for the world over and over again through the single act of Calvary. Would you, my dear brothers and fathers in Christ, consider saying one Mass for the re-launch of this ministry this September? Know that I keep you in my daily prayers.

And to all my other readers, both religious and lay, please raise a prayer to Heaven that through my webcasts and blogs to come, that the power of Satan will be broken in many lives, and that Jesus will begin to reign again where there was once darkness.

To Christ Jesus be the victory, now and forever!



We continue to climb toward the goal of 1000 people donating $10/month and are just over half way there.
Thanks for your support for this full time ministry.


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