Fully Human



NEVER before had it happened. It was not cherubim or seraphim, nor principality or power, but a human being—divine also, but nonetheless human—who ascended to the throne of God, the right hand of the Father.

Our poor human nature was carried up, in Christ, above all the hosts of heaven, above all the ranks of angels, beyond the highest heavenly powers to the very throne of God the Father. —POPE LEO THE GREAT, Liturgy of the Hours, Vol II, p. 937

This reality should shake the soul from despair. It should raise the chin of the sinner who sees himself as garbage. It should give hope to the one who cannot seem to change himself… bearing the crushing cross of the flesh. For God Himself took our flesh, and raised it to the height of Heaven.

So we need not become an angel, nor strive to become a god, as some mistakenly claim. We need to simply become fully human. And this—praise Jesus—happens entirely through the gift of God’s grace, given to us in Baptism, and actuated through repentance and trust in His mercy. Through becoming little, not big. Little like a child.

To become fully human is to live in Christ who is in Heaven… and to invite Christ to live in you, here on earth.



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