Jesus the “Myth”

jesusthorns2by Yongsung Kim


A sign in the State Capitol building in Illinois, USA, displayed prominently in front of a Christmas display, read:

At the time of the winter solstice, let reason prevail. There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is just myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds., December 23rd, 2009

Some progressive minds would have us believe that the Christmas narrative is merely a story. That the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, His ascension into Heaven, and His eventual second coming are merely a myth. That the Church is a human institution erected by men to enslave the minds of weaker men, and impose a system of beliefs that control and deny mankind of true freedom.

Say then, for the sake of argument, that the author of this sign is correct. That Christ is a lie, Catholicism is a fiction, and the hope of Christianity is a tale. Then let me say this…

I would sooner follow Jesus “the myth”… than I would the god of this “enlightened” age: the ego.

I would sooner follow the “fabricated” tenets of my world religion that have set me free… than I would the “reason” of modern minds that enslaves one to a troubled conscience.

I would sooner follow the “thin air” of my faith and its “fairy-tale” promises that have restored my hope and healed my soul… than the cold, empty doctrines of atheism’s high priests that steal joy and harden the heart.

I would sooner obey in all servility the “sham” of the Commandments, which have brought peace and enlightened my mind… than the moral relativism and shifting “truths,” which confuse and contradict.

I would sooner give away everything I own, and embrace the blessedness of poverty in the footsteps of my “imaginary” Lord… than sell my soul to high-tech salvation and invite the curse of restlessness and greed.

I would sooner follow my “phony” pope and priests, who measure a man by his love and sacrifice… than the suits and ties who measure man by his economic contribution and carbon footprint.

I would sooner embrace the power of this “prank,” which has transformed entire cultures into civilized nations through the law of love… than the poison of a new world order that suppresses, bribes, and intimidates nations into conformity.

I would sooner be labeled a fundamentalist, radical, and terrorist… than deny the Name above all names.

The “enlightened” offer a soft bed of technology, but I would rather lie on the rugged Cross of salvation. They offer painkillers and drugs, but I prefer the thorns and nails of sanctification. They offer rationalizations and theories, but I choose the evidence of God in all of creation… even if it draws mockery and spittle. I would sooner shed my blood, every last drop, for the “fraud” who has loved me unto death, than the “reality” they offer, which loves itself unto death. For I have walked the wide and easy path of self-love that they follow—a path that has broken hearts, destroyed families, and shattered souls. I would sooner walk the narrow road of the Father’s will, even should it lead to “nothing,” as they claim.

For even now, in this “Faith of folklore,” the “Man of myth,” the “Lord of legend,” I truly live. I was lost, but now I am found… and I would rather die than be lost again to the trinity remade in their own image: the “god of reason,” “lord of logic”, and “prince of the natural world.”

Yes, I would sooner follow Jesus “the myth.”


First published December 27th, 2009. 



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