The Enemy is Within the Gates


THERE is a scene in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings where Helms Deep is under attack. It was supposed to be an impenetrable stronghold, surrounded by the massive Deeping Wall. But a vulnerable spot is discovered, which the forces of darkness exploit by causing all kinds of distraction and then planting and igniting an explosive. Moments before a torch runner reaches the wall to light the bomb, he is spotted by one of the heroes, Aragorn. He yells to the archer Legolas to take him down… but it’s too late. The wall explodes and is breached. The enemy is now within the gates. 



This has been, without question, the most emotional and overwhelming year in my ministry of 27 years. Not because we were locked down, masked, and corralled like cattle for over a year. Rather, because the things I have written about for years are unfolding now in real-time at warp speed with life and death consequences. Like Aragorn, I had been yelling at the top of my lungs that the human family is going to be breached; that this is Our 1942 and that, in the name of “health”, health is going to be gravely attacked; and that, “for our own good,” we will see our goods taken, chief among them, our freedom.

Despite the fact that these things have been foretold by Our Lord and Lady does not mean the degree to which they are to happen is set in stone. Fatalism is not the attitude of a disciple of Jesus. [1]cf. Enough Good Souls Repentance is the dam holding back the tides of evil. 

Therefore, repent. Otherwise, I will come to you quickly and wage war against them with the sword of my mouth. “Whoever has ears ought to hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” (Rev 3:16-17)

The Church is always called upon to do what God asked of Abraham, which is to see to it that there are enough righteous men to repress evil and destruction.  —POPE BENEDICT XVI, Light of the World, p. 166, A Conversation With Peter Seewald (Ignatius Press)

While I realize that the vast majority of my readership understands what is unfolding around them, I also recognize that barely a dent has been made against the torrent of propaganda that is now sweeping great portions of humanity into a medical-technological tyranny. 

The serpent spewed a torrent of water out of his mouth after the woman to sweep her away with the current… (Revelation 12:15)

I think that the [torrent of water] is easily interpreted: these are the currents that dominate all and wish to make faith in the Church disappear, the Church that seems no longer to have a place in the face of the force of these currents that impose themselves as the only rationality, as the only way to live. —POPE BENEDICT XVI, Meditation at Special Assembly for the Middle East of the Synod of Bishops, October 11th, 2010;  

What could be more powerful than the current of “mandatory vaccination” and “vaccine passports”? Many of us are stunned to learn, for example, that a Columbian town has recently begun threatening fines and jail time to the “unvaccinated” if they leave their homes. “Everyone has to be vaccinated,” insisted the town’s mayor Elvira Julia Mercado on Blu Radio, “if not, they cannot circulate in the municipality of Sucre.” And not only are they restricted from bars, discos, restaurants, banks and shops, but also supermarkets.[2]August 2nd, 2021; In other words, we have reached the point of threatening to starve people if they do not submit their bodies to the experimental mRNA gene therapies[3]According Moderna’s own literature, “Currently, mRNA is considered a gene therapy product by the FDA. —pg. 19, being imposed — even though it has been clearly stated that they are not designed to stop the transmission of the virus but only reduce symptoms of the disease:

The studies [on the mRNA inoculations] aren’t designed to assess transmission. They don’t ask that question, and there’s really no information on this at this point in time. —Dr. Larry Corey oversees the National Institutes of Health (NIH) COVID-19 “vaccine” trials; November 20th, 2020;; cf.

They were tested with an outcome of severe disease — not preventing infection. —U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, Good Morning America, December 14th, 2020;

So all the non-stop jabber in the media of achieving “herd immunity” through these injections is a big fat lie. In fact, Dr. Peter McCullough MD, MPH stated before a Senate Committee Hearing that Texas was already at 80% “herd immunity” before any vaccine campaign began. 

You can’t beat natural immunity. You can’t vaccinate on top of it and make it better. —Dr. Peter McCullough, March 10th, 2021; cf. documentary Following the Science?

Yet, a handful of powerful men at the top of national and international health organizations, with their highly paid health officials appointed at state and provincial levels, in conjunction with the media and an army of anonymous fact-checkers, have effectively whipped up the world into a mass psychosis. What kind of fear has so possessed once rational people that they are convinced we must place perfectly healthy people (with naturally immunity) under a death sentence unless they agree to become vaccine junkies in the New World Order? People are writing me now that have been fired from their good paying jobs that they have worked at for years because they have made a personal, medical decision based on extensive research that they refuse to be part of what scientists have called “the largest human experiment in history.” This is pure madness and is outright unjust. Where, O where are the shepherds of the Church denouncing this grotesque violation of Church teaching and basic human rights?

 The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith explicitly stated:

…all vaccinations recognized as clinically safe and effective can be used in good conscience… In the absence of other means to stop or even prevent the epidemic, the common good may recommend vaccination, especially to protect the weakest and most exposed… At the same time, practical reason makes evident that vaccination is not, as a rule, a moral obligation and that, therefore, it must be voluntary. — “Note on the morality of using some anti-Covid-19 vaccines”, n. 3, 6;

Moreover, to force a chemical into individuals, especially when these products are still in clinical trials with long term effects completely unknown, is not only a violation of Catholic moral theology but a violation of the Nuremberg Code that forbids forced medical experimentation on human beings. Those bishops who are beginning to force diocesan staff in this manner are putting themselves squarely in the sites of international human rights courts (at least those courts that have not caved to judicial activism). Which is why witnessing the Church not only embrace but enforce this medical apartheid is truly horrifying. 

“Papal masses in Slovakia only for vaccinated” —July 21st, 2021, news headline:, Catholic News Agency, LifeSiteNews

In other places, the Eucharist has been banned — but the churches turned into vaccination centers — as though the injections are an eighth sacrament.

With the unprecedented death tolls and injuries from the injections mounting weekly — tolls literally blocked and censored by social media giants — several global experts in immunology absolutely reject the mainstream media’s narrative that these injections are “clinically safe and effective” or without “special dangers,” as Pope Francis claimed at the beginning of the pandemic. On the contrary,  

We have independent evaluations suggesting 86% [of deaths in the U.S. — over 12,300 reported as of this writing] is related to the vaccine [and] is far beyond anything that is acceptable… It’s going to go down in history as the most dangerous biological-medicinal product rollout in human history. —Dr. Peter McCullough, July 21st, 2021, Stew Peters Show, at 17:38

Second, as stated by several experts in my documentary Following the Science?Ivermectin (among other treatments) has been shown to wipe out the virus at any stage of the sickness. 

Mountains of data have emerged from many centers and countries around the world, showing the miraculous effectiveness of Ivermectin. It basically obliterates transmission of this virus. If you take it, you will not get sick. —Dr. Pierre Kory, Senate hearing, December 8th, 2020;
Hear this brief expert testimony from an immunologist that deconstructs the false science driving public policy:

Is the hierarchy completely in the dark about these facts? Are there no canonical or legal lawyers studying these issues? Those are honest questions, because the propaganda is that powerful and pervasive. And really, this is no surprise since many, including myself, have explained at length that “COVID-19” and “climate change” are really just fronts to implement a “Great Reset“, which is nothing but global Communism in a green hat. In that regard, the words of Pope Pius XI are just as relevant as they were in 1937:

A third powerful factor in the diffusion of Communism is the conspiracy of silence on the part of a large section of the non-Catholic press of the world. We say conspiracy, because it is impossible otherwise to explain how a press usually so eager to exploit even the little daily incidents of life has been able to remain silent for so long about the horrors perpetrated… —POPE PIUS XI, Divini Redemptoris, n. 18;

Still, where is the discernment in the “Spirit of truth”[4]John 14:17 whom Christ has given His Church? Sister Deirdre Byrne, a member of the Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts order in Washington, D.C., warns:

…we have lost all common sense and as a result we are losing our religious freedom. — “Stop the Shot” Conference, August 4th, 2021;

Indeed, the entire reason for producing my documentary Following the Science? was to demonstrate how mankind has departed from objective truth en masse and is now hurtling toward the abyss under the guise of abused phrases such as “it’s for the common good.” 

Since they do not admit that one can defend an objective criterion of good and evil, they arrogate to themselves an explicit or implicit totalitarian power over man and his destiny, as history shows. —POPE JOHN PAUL II, Centesimus annus, n. 45, 46

I see clearly now that those of us who have been raising our voices to sound the alarm have been drowned out by a brilliant and successful propaganda campaign that makes the media manipulation of the former Soviet Union look rudimentary. There has been a colossal failure in discernment among a vast portion of the Church, and not just with clergy, but laity, doctors, scientists, media etc. who have taken as gospel the words of the media narrative whilst remaining silent as thousands are censored and silenced. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom,” wrote St. Paul.[5]2 Cor 3:17 Clearly, the Spirit of the Lord is no where to be found in public discourse today — one of the chief signs of the times that the world is plunging into new forms of slavery all over again.

The walls have been breached. The propaganda has successfully demonized the “unvaccinated” and their persecution will be swift and brutal. It is too late now to stop the medical apartheid taking place. The lessons of history — the demonization of the Jews and the segregation of the blacks, for instance — have been swiftly forgotten. The “Never again!” mantra of Holocaust survivors has quickly turned into “Yes, do it again!” For when we see that the Pope himself is, in effect, leading the flock into the dark pastures of this apartheid (whether he is aware of this reality or not), then clearly, the gates have been broken down, and the enemy of division, fear, and control is within.

What more, then, can the watchman say? The prophetic words of Pope Benedict XVI are being fulfilled:

The principal new feature has been the explosion of worldwide interdependence, commonly known as globalization… without the guidance of charity in truth, this global force could cause unprecedented damage and create new divisions within the human family. —Caritas in Veritaten. 33



The Great Storm I have spoken about for over fifteen years is now in view. I see events happening so quickly — the winds spinning so fiercely now, like a hurricane — that it is obvious we are rapidly approaching a decisive climax. Of course, I will be accused of sensationalism, of “doom and gloom” and “conspiracy theory”. But I am okay with joining the ranks of Pius XI or St. John Paul II — who warned that these conspiracies aren’t theory at all:

Humanity today offers us a truly alarming spectacle, if we consider not only how extensively attacks on life are spreading but also their unheard-of numerical proportion, and the fact that they receive widespread and powerful support from a broad consensus on the part of society, from widespread legal approval and the involvement of certain sectors of health-care personnel… with time the threats against life have not grown weaker. They are taking on vast proportions. They are not only threats coming from the outside, from the forces of nature or the “Cains” who kill the “Abels”; no, they are scientifically and systematically programmed threats… In this way a kind of “conspiracy against life” is unleashed…. In today’s cultural and social context, in which science and the practice of medicine risk losing sight of their inherent ethical dimension, health-care professionals can be strongly tempted at times to become manipulators of life, or even agents of death. —POPE ST JOHN PAUL II, Evangelium Vitae, n. 17, 16, 12, 89

In fact, after publishing my documentary on the pandemic, I felt deeply saddened. In part, because I began to realize that when the Lord (and Pope John Paul II) called me to this ministry years ago, the Scriptures He used to beckon me were actually to be taken literally:

So you, son of man, I have made a watchman for the house of Israel; whenever you hear a word from my mouth, you shall give them warning from me…. if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, so that the people are not warned, and the sword comes, and takes any one of them; that man is taken away in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand. (Ezekiel 33:7,6)

I am haunted by the campaigns to entice people to get “vaccinated” — lotteries, free donuts, marijuana, candy, french fries, cash prizes… It reminds me of what I wrote in Our 1942. Before the Germans began rounding up the Jewish Hungarians, some soldiers were handing out chocolate to their children. Days later, they were forcing them onto trains. Before the genocide in Yugoslavia in the mid-90’s, General Ratko Mladić enticed thousands of Bosnians onto buses with bread, chocolate and blankets promising to take them back to their villages. Instead, over 8000 men and boys and were taken away and executed while tens of thousands of others were expelled from their homes.[6]see the documentary film Quo Vadis, Aida?  

Am I also guilty of creating hysteria by these comparisons? Not according to some of the world’s top immunologists and virologists, including Nobel Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier, Dr. Beda Stadler, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Dolores Cahill, Dr. Mike Yeadon, and others who have described what is happening in the strongest of terms, including saying that what is happening is “a crime” and potentially a programme of “mass depopulation.”[7]cf. Following the Science?  

And what of the deaths caused, not by COVID, but by the unprecedented action of locking down populations? One researcher has crunched the numbers and estimates up to two million have died directly from forced quarantine of the healthy and sick alike.[8]Sanjeev Sabhlok, December 20th, 2020; The Times of India This is so incredibly cruel, so twisted in logic, that it defies words — especially when researchers and health care workers themselves have (dared) to testify to how falsely and grossly inflated the global COVID death tolls are.[9]see Following the Science? Especially when United Nations representatives themselves were warning that mass deaths through starvation could happen via lockdowns.[10]cf. When I was Hungry

Ah, the watchmen cried out… but few listened.

Last, I am terribly grieved by the daily toll of “vaccinated” victims already — completely healthy people unnecessarily maimed or killed in this unprecedented human experiment. We are posting those stories daily on a MeWe group. [11]Find out why it is an experiment from the mouths of the experts: Following the Science?

The Lord said to Cain: “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to me from the ground” (Gen 4:10).The voice of the blood shed by men continues to cry out, from generation to generation, in ever new and different ways. The Lord’s question: “What have you done?”, which Cain cannot escape, is addressed also to the people of today, to make them realize the extent and gravity of the attacks against life which continue to mark human history; to make them discover what causes these attacks and feeds them; and to make them ponder seriously the consequences which derive from these attacks for the existence of individuals and peoples. —POPE ST JOHN PAUL II, Evangelium Vitae, n. 10

Thus, I have been reminded over and over again of another Scripture the Lord gave me on the day He called me to this writing apostolate:

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?” “Here I am”, I said; “send me!” And he replied: “Go and say to this people: Listen carefully, but do not understand! Look intently, but do not perceive! Make the heart of this people sluggish, dull their ears and close their eyes; Lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and their heart understand, and they turn and be healed.”

“How long, O Lord?” I asked. And he replied: “Until the cities are desolate, without inhabitants, Houses, without people, and the land is a desolate waste. Until the Lord sends the people far away, and great is the desolation in the midst of the land.” (Isaiah 6:8-12)

What does it take to wake up an entire world? I have lived with that word for 16 years knowing that, ultimately, my ministry would in a certain sense “fail.” That it would be dismissed out of hand by the majority, even though I back everything up with the words of the Magisterium and Our Lady (and this last year, science) so that your confidence would not be in me but in the Lord. Nonetheless, this is a hard-hearted generation, a stiff-necked people, spiritually deaf and blind. We are asleep, said Benedict. 

It’s our very sleepiness to the presence of God that renders us insensitive to evil: we don’t hear God because we don’t want to be disturbed, and so we remain indifferent to evil. —POPE BENEDICT XVI, Catholic News Agency, Vatican City, Apr 20, 2011, General Audience



So now, the sifting comes. The words prophesied in the presence of Pope Paul VI in 1975 are coming at us now like a freight train. Those who refuse to allow their bodies — temples of the Holy Spirit[12]1 Cor 6:19 — to be violated will be stripped of everything and segregated from society.

Because I love you, I want to show you what I am doing in the world today. Iwant to prepare you for what is to come. Days of darkness are coming on the world, days of tribulation… Buildings that are now standing will not be standing. Supports that are there for my people now will not be there. I want you to be prepared, my people, to know only me and to cleave to me and to have me in a way deeper than ever before. I will lead you into the desert… I will strip you of everything that you are depending on now, so you depend just on me. A time of darkness is coming on the world, but a time of glory is coming for my Church, a time of glory is coming for my people. I will pour out on you all the gifts of my Spirit. I will prepare you for spiritual combat; I will prepare you for a time of evangelism that the world has never seen…. And when you have nothing but me, you will have everything: land, fields, homes, and brothers and sisters and love and joy and peace more than ever before. Be ready, my people, I want to prepare you…—Our Lord Jesus to Ralph Martin, St. Peter’s Square, Rome, Pentecost Monday of May, 1975

And that “word” brings me back to an interior vision the Lord gave me some fifteen years ago as I prayed before the Blessed Sacrament. It was of a coming time when “parallel communities” would form… and Christians, banded together, would be deprived of basic resources (read The Great Division). How can this not be upon us as mandatory vaccination comes at warp speed? To surrender your bodily autonomy, and be forever subject to what the government dictates will be put into it, is madness. It is a violation of the highest order tantamount to chemical rape! It is a health dictatorship, and ultimately I believe, leading us to the Antichrist, as the entire edifice for this “beast” is virtually in place.

Who can compare with the beast or who can fight against it? (Rev 13:4)

Trust me, this is exactly how millions feel today faced with being banned from grocery stores and losing their livelihoods and jobs. Remember what I recounted to you from a reader seven years ago…  

My older daughter sees many beings good and bad [angels] in battle. She has spoken many times about how its an all out war and its only getting bigger and the different kinds of beings. Our Lady appeared to her in a dream last year as our Lady of Guadalupe. She told her that the demon coming is larger and fiercer than all the others. That she is not to engage this demon nor listen to it. It was going to try to take over the world. This is a demon of fear. It was a fear that my daughter said was going to envelop everyone and everything. Staying close to the Sacraments and Jesus and Mary are of the utmost importance. —from Hell Unleashed

And now, this summer, Our Lord is allegedly preparing us for upheaval that is apparently imminent. 

My child, the days have now become the hour in which a great many will stand before Me. A time when many will come to see what fear has brought them to. I have warned My children that I am not the God of fear, for I do not author such things. I am a God who speaks to the heart of My people and do not sow seeds of fear in their mind. I created each one of My children with the means necessary to live a mission on this earth, to be instruments of light and hope in this dark world. I have come to tell My children that the hour has come when you will say, where is my brother? where is my sister? The hour has come when you will desire to say the Chaplet of My Most Divine Mercy endlessly for the multitude that were not prepared to meet Me.

Wake up My children, for you are being deceived by the prince of darkness, the author of fear. You are being driven by a false promise. Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, not to be silenced, manipulated, or depleted of My creation. This world is passing, yet too many are being complacent. It is time to prepare your soul, for the hour has come when I will warn mankind that his ways are not pleasing to Me… It is time to prepare and to warn those who have fallen asleep to the lies that they have fallen for. It is time to bind your rosaries and fall to your knees in humility, for I Am Jesus, and My mercy and justice will prevail. —Jesus to Jennifer, July 22nd; read the full message at

Today while praying before the Blessed Sacrament, I remembered again the words I heard back in 2007. I had the impression of an angel in the mid-heavens hovering above the world and shouting,

“Control! Control!”

As man tries more and more to banish Christ’s presence from the world, wherever they succeed, chaos takes His place. And with chaos, comes fear. And with fear, comes the opportunity to control

That “word” was preceded only months before it by an interior vision of machines with gears meshing accompanied by the words:

It is nearly complete.

As I wrote in The Great Meshing:

These machines—political, economical, and social, operating throughout the world—have been running independently for several decades, if not centuries. But I could see in my heart their convergence: the machines are all in place, about to mesh into one Global machine called “Totalitarianism.” The meshing will be seamless, quiet, barely noticed. Deceptive.

That is the perfect description of how the world is not only being corralled into this new Communism, but is willingly participating, all “for the common good”, through this “pandemic.”



I have tried to be faithful all these years, tried always to write what I felt Heaven was saying—not what I would like to say. I recall the first five years of this writing apostolate, carried out in sheer terror that I would somehow lead souls astray. Thanks be to God for my spiritual directors over the years who have been faithful instruments of the Lord’s tender shepherding. Yet, as I examine my own conscience, I could very well repeat the words of St. Gregory the Great:

Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel. Note that a man whom the Lords sends forth as a preacher is called a watchman. A watchman always stands on a height so that he can see from afar what is coming. Anyone appointed to be a watchman for the people must stand on a height for all his life to help them by his foresight. How hard it is for me to say this, for by these very words I denounce myself. I cannot preach with any competence, and yet insofar as I do succeed, still I myself do not live my life according to my own preaching. I do not deny my responsibility; I recognize that I am slothful and negligent, but perhaps the acknowledgment of my fault will win me pardon from my just judge. —St. Gregory the Great, homily, Liturgy of the Hours, Vol. IV, p. 1365-66

In closing, I will say that the only way forward now is to rely upon Divine Providence. Everything you need to know, practically speaking, is being said daily by Our Lord or Lady on Countdown to the Kingdom, which is really nothing beyond the Scriptures themselves. Those who mock prophecy and have caved to impenetrable cynicism will likely find nothing of benefit… but for the discerning childlike hearts — those with ears to hear — they will hear; those with eyes to see, will see the little but precious ways that Heaven is giving us to navigate this Storm. Prayer, the Rosary, the Sacraments, and exercising courage and faith in defending the truth. Nothing new, really, but are we doing it?

For my part, I sense the Lord saying my time upon the watchman’s wall may be finished. I don’t know. I have sat here for months, tears streaking down my face as I see the Beast’s jaws opening wider upon the freedom and wellbeing of the human family, no matter their color, race, or creed. Tears for those who are being corralled, injected, and now tagged like cattle with so-called vaccine passports. I don’t want to see this world suffer, but I also realize that to continue on the way we are would bring even more suffering than we could imagine. The blood of the unborn continually cries out as the daily slaughter continues (and the “vaccines” continue to utilize the cells of murdered babes). The time of the Lord’s intervention is close. The Storm is here.

My beloved children, I ask you to be ready, because the Warning is very near. Many will return to God, even those who do not believe, especially priests who do not believe everything that you are experiencing at this time… I, the Mother of God and your Mother, want to take care of you regarding the terrible times that will come. I want to indicate to you that soon there will be wars in the world, but this will be the moment when the Antichrist will arrive and will present himself as a man of peace. Pay attention, children: do not let your minds be misled, but be faithful… —Our Lady allegedly to Gisella Cardia, August 3rd, 2021,

Who can stop this medical tyranny, this transhumanist beast? Who can put an end to the pseudo-science and powerful men possessed by a “conspiracy against life” that are forcing the populace to become vaccine junkies and fall beneath the oppression of a new Communism (ie. Great Reset)?

I can’t. I tried, I really did, even though I knew I couldn’t. But the answer is no surprise to either me or my readership:

Jesus can. 

Then I saw the heavens opened, and there was a white horse; its rider was called “Faithful and True.” He judges and wages war in righteousness… Out of his mouth came a sharp sword to strike the nations… Then I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered to fight against the one riding the horse and against his army. The beast was caught and with it the false prophet who had performed in its sight the signs by which he led astray those who had accepted the mark of the beast and those who had worshiped its image. The two were thrown alive into the fiery pool burning with sulfur…. I also saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, and who had not worshiped the beast or its image nor had accepted its mark on their foreheads or hands. They came to life and they reigned with Christ for a thousand years. (Rev 19:11- 20:4)

And we hear today the groaning as no one has ever heard it before… Pope [John Paul II] does indeed cherish a great expectation that the millennium of divisions will be followed by a millennium of unifications. —Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (BENEDICT XVI), Salt of the Earth (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1997), translated by Adrian Walker


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