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I will be in Lacombe, Louisiana this coming September 10th, 2012 to speak and sing at Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church (7:00pm). It is a happy reunion with Fr. Kyle Dave, the pastor there. I have mentioned Fr. Kyle to you numerous times; I was in his former parish seven years ago, two weeks before Hurricane Katrina swept through it leaving nothing but a statue of St. Therese in the middle of the sanctuary. This time, I am arriving two weeks after Hurricane Isaac…

After Katrina, Fr. Kyle stayed with us here in Canada, as his rectory was destroyed by the storm surge. It was during those days here that the Lord spoke powerfully to Fr. Kyle and I while on a mountain, seeding what has been a powerful prophetic journey these past seven years. [1]To see Mark’s event schedule, go to

The time to reunite has come. I pray that as many of you in the area will be able to come out for this Encounter With Jesus and what I believe will be an unforgettable evening. Such are the days. Come to be strengthened. Come to be awakened. Come to encounter Jesus who will be present to us in the Blessed Sacrament.


I realize too that I have not written a new blog here the past couple of weeks. A time of family rest and holiday, but also crisis has taken me away from the ministry (my wife’s mother, Margaret, is struggling with brain cancer… please remember her in your prayers). This month, I am heading to Louisiana and Mississippi for a week. When I return home, I will finish mixing my new album which will be coming out late this Fall. So please bear with me as all these demands have made it difficult to be consistent with my online ministry. In a word, I am feeling overwhelmed.

Since writing Mystery Bablyon, I have experienced tremendous trials. Given the content of that writing, I am not surprised. I simply ask for your continued prayers for my family and our protection. I will also write you in the days to come regarding the continuing financial crisis this ministry faces. We have had one financial disaster after another this year that has nearly crippled us. We trust in God’s providence, but we also know, realistically, that our support has in the past, and likely in the future, will come from those who follow this ministry and understand its importance for our times.

I pray every day for you, my readers, that you will not give up the battle as it intensifies. You are closer to my heart than ever. I know many of you are also suffering many trials in these times. And so, recall the words of St. Peter:

Beloved, do not be surprised that a trial by fire is occurring among you, as if something strange were happening to you. But rejoice to the extent that you share in the sufferings of Christ, so that when his glory is revealed you may also rejoice exultantly. (1 Pet 4:12)

Lastly, I want to thank every soul who has written me a letter, an email, a card, or otherwise. I read them all. But it grieves me that I simply cannot reply to every one since my time is stretched to the very limits. If you have written to me in the past with a spiritual question that continues to remain on your heart, do not hesitate to write me again, and I will do my best to respond.

May the love of Jesus sustain you, keep you strong in the Faith, and protect you and your loved ones always.



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1 To see Mark’s event schedule, go to
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