The Great Storm


We cannot hide the fact that many threatening clouds are gathering on the horizon. We must not, however, lose heart, rather we must keep the flame of hope alive in our hearts. For us as Christians the true hope is Christ, the Father’s gift to humanity… Only Christ can help us build a world in which justice and love reign. —POPE BENEDICT XVI, Catholic News Agency, January 15th, 2009


THE Great Storm has arrived at the shores of humanity. It is soon to pass over the whole world. For there is a Great Shaking needed to awaken this humanity.

Thus says the LORD of hosts: Lo! Calamity stalks from nation to nation; a great storm is unleashed from the ends of the earth. (Jeremiah 25:32)

As I pondered over the terrible disasters which are unfolding rapidly around the world, the Lord brought to my attention the response to them. After 911 and the Asian Tsunami; after Hurricane Katrina and the wildfires of California; after the cyclone in Mynamar and the earthquake in China; in the midst of this current economic storm—there has barely been any lasting recognition that we need to repent and turn from evil; no real connection that our sins are manifesting in nature itself (Rom 8:19-22). In an almost astonishing defiance, nations continue to legalize or protect abortion, redefine marriage, genetically modify and clone creation, and pipe pornography into the hearts and homes of families. The world has failed to make the connection that without Christ, there is chaos.

Yes… CHAOS is the name of this Storm.


Is it not clear that it will take much more than a hurricane to awaken this generation? Has God not been fair and patient, long-suffering and merciful? Has He not sent us wave after wave of prophets to call us back to our senses, back to Himself?

Though you refused to listen or pay heed, the LORD has sent you without fail all his servants the prophets with this message: Turn back, each of you, from your evil way and from your evil deeds; then you shall remain in the land which the LORD gave you and your fathers, from of old and forever. Do not follow strange gods to serve and adore them, lest you provoke me with your handiwork, and I bring evil upon you. But you would not listen to me, says the LORD, and so you provoked me with your handiwork to your own harm. (Jeremiah 25:4-7)



The biblical formula of chastisement is the “sword, famine, and pestilence” (cf. Jer 24:10)—the very labor pains Christ spoke of—and the central judgments of Revelation. Once again, China comes to mind… how long can that nation endure its man-made and natural disasters before there is no room left for its people to be displaced? Let it be a warning to Canada and America, the lands of plenty where water, land, and crude oil abound. You cannot abort your children and lead the world in destroying the traditional family without reaping what you sow!

Is anyone listening?

I swear I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked man, but rather in the wicked man’s conversion, that he may live. Turn, turn from your evil ways! (Ezekiel 33:11)

The end of this era is upon us. It is a merciful judgment, for God will not allow man to completely annihilate himself, nor His Church.

Thus says the Lord GOD: Disaster upon disaster! See it coming! An end is coming, the end is coming upon you! See it coming! The time has come, the day dawns. The climax has come for you who dwell in the land! The time has come, near is the day: a time of consternation, not of rejoicing… See, the day of the LORD! See, the end is coming! Lawlessness is in full bloom, insolence flourishes, violence has risen to support wickedness. It shall not be long in coming, nor shall it delay. The time has come, the day dawns. Let not the buyer rejoice nor the seller mourn, for wrath shall be upon all the throng… (Ezekiel 7:5-7, 10-12)

Can you not hear it in the wind? A new Era of Peace is dawning, but not before this one ends.



Based on the Early Church Fathers and ecclesiastical writers, and illumined by authentic private revelation and the words of our contemporary Popes, there are four distinct periods to the Storm which has arrived. How long these phases last is something we cannot be certain of, or even if they will be completed within this generation. However, events are unfolding very rapidly and I feel the Lord telling me that time is very, very short, and that it is urgent that we continue to stay awake and pray.

Surely the Lord God does nothing, without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets… I have said all this to you to keep you from falling away… ((Amos 3:7; John 16:1)



The First Phase is part of history already: the time of forewarning. Particularly since 1917, Our Lady of Fatima forecast that this Storm would come if there were not sufficient repentance by earth’s inhabitants. St. Faustina further wrote words Jesus gave her, that He was “prolonging the time of mercy for the sake of sinners” and that this was a “sign for the end times.” God has continued to send our Lady, who has either spoken to us directly, or through chosen individuals: mystics, seers, and other souls exercising the ordinary prophetic office, who have warned of an approaching Storm which will conclude a time of grace.

The world is now experiencing collectively the first winds of this Great Storm. Jesus called these the “labor pains” (Luke 21:10-11). They do not signal the end of time, but rather the approaching end of an era. This part of the Storm will grow in ferocity before the Eye of the Storm reaches humanity. Nature is going to shake us, and worldly comfort and security will fall to the ground like figs from a tree (Jeremiah 24:1-10).



With calamity having struck many regions of the world, the Eye of the Storm will suddenly appear overhead. The winds will cease, silence will cover the earth, and a great light will shine into our hearts. In an instant, everyone will see themselves as God sees their souls. This is the great Hour of Mercy which will offer the world an opportunity to repent and receive the unconditional love and mercy of God. The response of the world at this time will determine the severity of the Third Phase.



This period will bring about the decisive end of this era and the purification of the world. The Eye of the Storm will have passed, and the great winds will begin again in a fury. I believe an Antichrist will arise during this phase, and for a brief time he will eclipse the Sun, bringing a great darkness over the earth. But Christ will break through the clouds of evil and put the “lawless one” to death, destroying his earthly dominion, and establishing a reign of justice and love.

But when this Antichrist shall have devastated all things in this world, he will reign for three years and six months, and sit in the temple at Jerusalem; and then the Lord will come… sending this man and those who follow him into the lake of fire; but bring in for the righteous the times of the kingdom, that is, the rest, the hallowed seventh day. —St. Irenaeus of Lyons, Fragments, Book V, Ch. 28, 2; from The Early Church Fathers and Other Works, published in 1867.



The Storm will have purified the earth of evil and, for an extended period of time, the Church will enter into a time of rest, unprecedented unity, and peace (Rev 20:4). Civilization will be simplified and man will be at peace with himself, with nature, and above all with God. Prophecy will be fulfilled, and the Church will be prepared to receive her Bridegroom at a time appointed and known only by the Father. This return of Christ in glory will be preceded by a final satanic rising, a deception of the nations by “Gog and Magog” to conclude the Era of Peace.

When the tempest passes, the wicked man is no more; but the just man is established forever. (Prov 10:25)



Brothers and sisters, as the Holy Father said above, a storm is here, I believe, the Great Storm anticipated for centuries. We must be ready for what is coming without losing hope. Simply, that means living in a state of grace, fixing our eyes upon His love and mercy, and doing the Lord’s will moment by moment as if today were our last day on earth. God has arranged, for those who have responded in this time of grace, places of refuge and spiritual protection which, I believe, will also become great centers of evangelization as well. Again, this time of preparation which is drawing to a close is not a self-help manual for self-preservation but is to prepare us for proclaiming the Name of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit, something the Church is called to do at all times, in every age, and in every place.

Two very clear goals remain ahead of us: The first is to gather as many souls as possible into the Ark before the Third Phase; the second is to completely surrender with childlike trust to God, who watches over and cares for His Church as a Groom for His Bride.  

Be not afraid.

For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind. (Hos 8:7)



  • See Mark’s book, The Final Confrontation, for a concise summary of how the phases of The Great Storm are found in the writings of the Early Church Fathers and Ecclesiastical writers within Church Tradition.
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