On the Webcasts



I HOPE to answer a couple of your questions at this time regarding the new website: www.embracinghope.tv.

A few viewers are having difficulty seeing the videos. I have established a Help Page that will solve 99.9% of these issues, including questions on MP3’s and iPod versions. If you are having difficulty, please click here: HELP.



Many of you have been introduced to my ministry through my writings, where evidently, several of you have found "spiritual food" and many other graces. For this, I thank God continually that He has used these writings in spite of the writing instrument.

The same Lord who has inspired these writings also placed it on my heart to begin a webcast. It’s taken me a year to find my feet again in television, and now I see what the Lord is doing. There is a kind of "dance" beginning to occur now between my writings and the webcasts. Where as before I would say "If you miss the webcasts, don’t worry, I’ll write about it…", that’s no longer true. The webcast and writings are like the left and right hands of a body. You can get by with one or the other, but there’s so much more you can do with two. That’s one of the major reasons why I felt it absolutely necessary to make the webcasts freely available to the public. 

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