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The Prophecy at Rome – Part VIII



WATCH the hope-filled conclusion to this line by line examination of the Prophecy given at Rome in 1975 in the presence of Pope Paul VI. Referring to Tradition, Mark explains why we are about to cross the "threshold of hope" into a new era of peace. It is an urgent call to watch and pray and to be prepared.

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Measuring God


IN a recent letter exchange, an atheist said to me,

If sufficient evidence was shown to me, I would start witnessing for Jesus tomorrow. I don’t know what that evidence would be, but I’m sure an all-powerful, all-knowing deity such as Yahweh would know what it would take to get me to believe. So that means Yahweh must not want me to believe (at least at this time), otherwise Yahweh could show me the evidence.

Is it that God does not want this atheist to believe at this time, or is it that this atheist is not prepared to believe in God? That is, is he applying the principles of the "scientific method" to the Creator Himself?



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A Painful Irony


I have spent several weeks dialoguing with an atheist. There’s perhaps no better exercise to build one’s faith. The reason being is that irrationality is a sign itself of the supernatural, for confusion and spiritual blindness are hallmarks of the prince of darkness. There are some mysteries the atheist cannot solve, questions he cannot answer, and some aspects of human life and the origins of the universe that cannot be explained by science alone. But this he will deny by either ignoring the subject, minimizing the question at hand, or ignoring scientists who refute his position and only quoting those who do. He leaves many painful ironies in the wake of his "reasoning."



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Toward Paradise — Part II

The Garden of Eden.jpg


IN the Spring of 2006, I received a very strong word that is in the forefront of my thoughts these days…

With the eyes of my soul, the Lord had been giving me brief "glimpses" into the various structures of the world: economies, political powers, the food chain, the moral order, and elements within the Church. And the word was always the same:

The corruption is so deep, it must all come down.

The Lord was speaking of a Cosmic Surgery, down to the very foundations of civilization. It seems to me that while we can and must pray for souls, the Surgery itself is now irreversible:

When foundations are being destroyed, what can the upright do? (Psalm 11:3)

Even now the ax lies at the root of the trees. Therefore every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire. (Luke 3:9)

At the end of the six thousandth year, all wickedness must be abolished from the earth, and righteousness reign for a thousand years [Rev 20:6] —Caecilius Firmianus Lactantius (250-317 A.D.; Early Church Father and ecclesiastical writer), The Divine Institutes, Vol 7.



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Toward Paradise



We must use every means and exert all our energy to bring about the utter disappearance of the enormous and detestable wickedness so characteristic of our time—the substitution of man for God; this done, it remains to restore to their ancient place of honor the most holy laws and counsels of the Gospel…—POPE PIUS X, E Supremi “On the Restoration of All Things in Christ”,Oct 4th, 1903


THE “Age of Aquarius” anticipated by new agers is merely a counterfeit of the true Era of Peace to come, an era spoken of by the Early Church Fathers and several pontiffs of the past century:


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The Prophecy at Rome – Part VII


WATCH this gripping episode which warns of a coming deception after the "Illumination of Conscience." Following the Vatican’s document on the New Age, Part VII deals with the difficult subjects of an antichrist and persecution. Part of the preparation is knowing beforehand what is coming…

To watch Part VII, go to: www.embracinghope.tv

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Why Are You Surprised?



FROM a reader:

Why are the parish priests so silent about these times? It seems to me that ours priests should be leading us… but 99% are silent… why are they silent…??? Why are so many, many people asleep? Why don’t they wake up? I can see what’s happening and I am not special… why can’t others? It’s like a mandate from Heaven has been sent out to wake up and see what time it is… but only a few are awake and even fewer are responding.

My answer is why are you surprised? If we are possibly living in the “end times” (not the end of the world, but an end “period”) as many of the popes seemed to think such as Pius X, Paul V, and John Paul II, if not our present Holy Father, then these days will be exactly as Scripture said they would be.


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The Silent Answer

Jesus Condemned, by Michael D. O’Brien



THERE is coming a time when the Church will imitate her Lord in the face of her accusers, when the day of debating and defending will give way to The Silent Answer.

“Have you no answer? What are these men testifying against you?” But Jesus was silent and answered nothing. (Mark 14:60-61)


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The Good Atheist

Philip Pullman; Photo: Phil Fisk for the Sunday Telegraph


I AWOKE at 5:30 this morning, the wind howling, snow blowing. A lovely spring storm. So I threw on a coat and a hat, and headed out into the blistering winds to save Nessa, our milk cow. With her safely in the barn, and my senses rather rudely awakened, I wandered into the house to find an interesting article by an atheist, Philip Pullman.

With the swagger of one who hands in an exam early while fellow students remain to sweat over their answers, Mr. Pullman briefly explains how he abandoned the myth of Christianity for the reasonableness of atheism. What caught my attention most, though, was his answer to how many will argue that Christ’s existence is evident, in part, through the good His Church has done:

However, the people who use that argument seem to imply that until the church existed no one ever knew how to be good, and no one could do good now unless they did it for reasons of faith. I simply don’t believe that. —Philip Pullman, Philip Pullman on the Good Man Jesus & The Scoundrel Christ, www.telegraph.co.uk, April 9th, 2010

But the essence of this statement is puzzling, and in fact, presents a serious question: can there be a ‘good’ atheist?



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The Seven Year Trial – Epilogue

Christ the Word of Life, by Michael D. O’Brien


I will choose the time; I will judge fairly. The earth and all its inhabitants will quake, but I have firmly set its pillars. (Psalm 75:3-4)

WE have followed the Passion of the Church, walking in the footsteps of our Lord from His triumphal entry into Jerusalem to His crucifixion, death, and Resurrection. It is seven days from Passion Sunday to Easter Sunday. So too, the Church will experience Daniel’s "week," a seven year confrontation with the powers of darkness, and ultimately, a great triumph.

Whatever has been prophesied in Scripture is coming to pass, and as the end of the world approaches, it tests both men and the times. —St. Cyprian of Carthage

Below are some final thoughts regarding this series.



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The Seven Year Trial – Part X

Jesus Taken Down From The Cross, by Michael D. O’Brien


Go into the ark, you and all your household… Seven days from now I will bring rain down on the earth for forty days and forty nights. (Gen 7:1, 4)



With the Seventh Bowl poured out, the judgment of God upon the Beast’s kingdom is reaching its climax.


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The Seven Year Trial – Part IX

Crucifixion, by Michael D. O’Brien


The Church will enter the glory of the kingdom only through this final Passover, when she will follow her Lord in his death and Resurrection.Catechism of the Catholic Church, 677


AS we continue to follow the Passion of the Body in relation to the Book of Revelation, it is good to recall the words we read at that book’s beginning:

Blessed is the one who reads aloud and blessed are those who listen to this prophetic message and heed what is written in it, for the appointed time is near. (Rev 1:3)

We read, then, not in a spirit of fear or terror, but in a spirit of hope and anticipation of the blessing which comes to those who "heed" Revelation’s central message: faith in Jesus Christ saves us from everlasting death and grants us a share in the inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven.


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