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Auschwitz “Death Camp”


AS my readers know, at the beginning of 2008, I received in prayer that it would be “the Year of the Unfolding.” That we would begin to see the collapse of the economic, then social, then political order. Clearly, everything is on schedule for those with eyes to see.

But last year, my meditation on “Mystery Babylon” put a new perspective on everything. It places the United States of America at a very central role in the rise of a New World Order. The late Venezuelan mystic, Servant of God Maria Esperanza, perceived on some level the importance of America—that her rise or fall would determine the fate of the world:

I feel the United States has to save the world…The Bridge to Heaven: Interviews with Maria Esperanza of Betania, by Michael H. Brown, p. 43

But clearly the corruption that laid waste to the Roman Empire is dissolving the foundations of America—and rising in their place is something strangely familiar. Quite frighteningly familiar. Please take the time to read this post below from my archives of November 2008, at the time of the American election. This is a spiritual, not a political reflection. It will challenge many, anger others, and hopefully awaken many more. We always face the danger of evil overcoming us if we do not remain vigilant. Hence, this writing is not an accusation, but a warning… a warning from the past.

I have more to write on this subject and how, what is happening in America and the world at large, was actually foretold by Our Lady of Fatima. However, in prayer today, I sensed the Lord telling me to focus in the next few weeks solely on getting my albums done. That they, somehow, have a part to play in the prophetic aspect of my ministry (see Ezekiel 33, particularly verses 32-33). His will be done!

Lastly, please keep me in your prayers. Without explaining it, I think you can imagine the spiritual attack on this ministry, and my family. God bless you. You all remain in my daily petitions….


From November 3rd, 2008:

WHAT is this strange spell that seems to have bewitched America? What is this enchantment which has befallen the mainstream media? What is this strong infatuation which has inebriated a large portion of the electorate? Yet, for many others, there are enormous and very loud alarm bells ringing this eve over the next likely President of the United States: Barack Hussein Obama. I am a Canadian, and so I am usually reluctant to express my thoughts on another country’s politics. However, I feel more and more that what is happening is setting the stage, in part, for many things I have written about of the trials which are coming upon the Church and the world.



As always with the internet, there are the wild and extreme opinions, the conspiracy theorists, the bizarre extrapolators. I have personally received emails from readers wondering if Obama is actually the antichrist. Perhaps Canadian author Michael D. O’Brien sums up my feelings best on this matter in his recent and powerful newsletter:

Obama is a crowd-pleaser with just the right ethos of idealistic crusader. That the crusade and the banners under which it marches are evil does not automatically prove that he is the Antichrist. But now that I have seen the video of the Berlin speech I think there is more AVT_Michael-D-OBrien_3658here than meets the eye. He is indeed a powerful manipulator of crowds, even as he appears ever so humble and wholesomely charming. I doubt that he is the long-prophesied ruler of the world, but I also believe that he is a carrier of a deadly moral virus, indeed a kind of anti-apostle spreading concepts and agendas that are not only anti-Christ but anti-human as well. In this sense he is of the spirit of Antichrist (perhaps without knowing it), and probably is one of several key figures in the world who (knowingly or unknowingly) will be instrumental in ushering in the time of great trial for the Church under its last and worst persecution, amidst the numerous other tribulations prophesied in the books of Daniel and Revelation, and letters of St Paul, St. John, and St. Peter. —November 1st, Studiobrien.com 

Yes, this is precisely the flag of warning that has been steadily ascending the flag pole between my heart and mind. (But let me add that I do not mean to negate the feelings of many Americans that the current government has made a moral mess of their country’s economy and foreign relations.) The warning is a result of the strange, pretentious, if not alarming actions and statements Obama has made, such as his bold proclamation at Henderson, Nevada this week when he stated ‘I will  change the world.’ The fact that he campaigned in Europe with elaborate pagan props also seemed odd. After his speech in Europe where he proclaimed to 200, 000 gathered to hear him: “This is the moment to stand as one…”, a German television commentator stated, “We have just heard the next President of the United States… and the future President of the World.” The Nigerian Tribune said that an Obama victory “…will enthrone the US as the global headquarters of democracy. It will usher in a New World Order…” (the link to that article is now gone).

After Obama’s speech at the Democratic Convention, Oprah Winfrey called it “transcendent” and rapper Kanye West said the speech “changed my life.” One CNN anchor said, “All Americans will remember where they were at, the moment he gave his speech.” Early in the campaigning, manywere startled to see media representatives lose objectivity entirely. MSNBC News anchor, Chris Matthews, described “a thrill going up my leg” as Obama spoke. He said, “[Obama] comes along, and he seems to have the answers. This is the New Testament.[1]huffingtonpost.ca Others have made comparisons of Obama to Jesus, Moses, and described the then-senator in terms of being a “messiah” who will capture the youth. In 2013, Newsweek Magazine ran a cover story comparing Obama’s re-election with “The Second Coming.” And long-time Newsweek veteran Evan Thomas said, “In a way, Obama’s standing above the country, above—above the world. He’s sort of God. He’s going to bring all different sides together.” [2]from January 19th, Washington Examiner And yet, who is this man, and where did he come from?

When taken altogether, an uneasy scene begins to unfold of a young politician who has risen from virtual obscurity into more than a celebrity: a savior who is going to bring ‘hope’ and ‘change’ to America. However, there is a deadly irony in this: Barack Obama will make America one of the leading countries in the world of infanticide and genocide in the womb (see The Hour of Decision ).

From an American reader in Colorado:

I sense in this night’s wind that my country is at the tipping point, that we are about to experience ‘Change’ but it is not what many are expecting, it is not the social transformation that has been slickly advertised and promised this campaign season. ‘Hope’ cannot be given to a people by sowing death, by encouraging and enabling the destruction of the most innocent and helpless. Abortion, the greatest challenge ever to human rights, is about to become an ‘entitlement’ in my country by way of the Freedom of Choice Act, if Senator Obama is elected Tuesday and his open declaration to sign this act into law should come to pass. (Note: this specific legislation has not come to pass as of yet. Nonetheless, abortion and other forms of “sanitized murder” are making inroads and gains through other government led initiatives.)



When one adds to his ability to mesmerize the masses, also, his far left political ideas, a picture begins to emerge which is troubling to many who feel this will turn America into a socialist country, if not facist. (While this sounds rather extreme, it’s already apparent that religious freedoms are rapidly vanishing and “state morality” is being forced on the public through the judicial system.)

Aside from the senator’s past relationships with questionable figures, there is his comment on “redistributing the wealth” which some have deemed Marxist. And then there was that Obama Flaginterview on Iowa Public Television in which Obama suggested using “price signals to change behavior” —jacking up the cost of electricity or adding a federal tax on fuel to force Americans to start conserving energy. It leaves open the question as to what other “price signals” could be incorporated to “change the behavior” of families who have “too many children” or refuse to allow their kids to participate in gay sex education… Add to that, he said his policies to fight greenhouse gases will actually bankrupt coal companies because “they are going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.” There has even been criticism raised over Obama’s wife’s comments from mainstream television as being overtly socialist. (Note: since writing this meditation, the Communist associations and education of Obama have been documented in several sources, notably, the new video: Agenda: The Grinding Down of America).

Then there is that astonishing comment he made that he would not want his daughters “punished with a baby” if they “made a mistake.” Or his criticism of those in small towns who “cling to their… religion.

Perhaps most ominous is Obama’s speech calling for a “civilian national security force” within America’s borders which is “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the military. For some, this evoked the word “Gestapo” or “KGB.” Already, criticism has been raised about so-called “truth squads” which have allegedly harassed Obama’s critics. In the last week of campaigning, three mainstream newspaper reporters, all whose publications endorsed Obama’s opponent, were removed from Barack’s campaign plane raising the spectre that the potential President has little tolerance for those who disagree with him. (Thus far, the recruitment of individuals has been on a “volunteer” and “service” basis. See this recent article: here.)

But perhaps what some have found most disturbing are the following videos. They prompted a Nazi era survivor to pen the following words…



The following excerpt is from a letter by Lori Kalner who lived during Hitler’s regime. When she heard the first children’s songs (listen here and here), it evoked powerful memories which moved her to write this stirring warning…

In Germany, when Hitler came to power, it was a time of terrible financial depression. Money was worth nothing. In Germany people lost homes and jobs, just like in the American Depression in the 1930s…

In those days, in my homeland, Adolph Hitler was elected to power by promising “Change.” …So Hitler was elected to power by only 1/3 the popular vote. A coalition of other political parties in parliament made him supreme leader. Then, when he was leader, he disgraced and expelled everyone in parliament who did not go along with him.

Yes. Change came to my homeland as the new leader promised it would.

The teachers in German schools began to teach the children to sing songs in praise of Hitler. This was the beginning of the Hitler Youth movement. It began with praise of the Fuhrer’s programs on the lips of innocent children. Hymns in praise of Hitler and his programs were being sung in the schoolrooms and in the play yard. Little girls and boys joined hands and sang these songs as they walked home from school.

My brother came home and told Papa what was happening at school. The political hymns of children proclaimed Change was coming to our homeland and the Fuhrer was a leader we could trust. I will never forget my father’s face. Grief and fear. He knew that the best propaganda of the Nazis was song on the lips of little children. Soon the children’s songs praising the Fuhrer were heard everywhere on the streets and over the radio. “With our Fuhrer to lead us, we can do it! We can change the world!”

Soon after that Papa, a pastor, was turned away from visiting elderly parishioners in hospitals. The people he had come to bring comfort of God’s Word, were “no longer there.” Where had they vanished to while under nationalized health care? It became an open secret. The elderly and sick began to disappear from hospitals feet first as “mercy killing” became the policy. Children with disabilities and those who had Down syndrome were euthanized. People whispered, “Maybe it is better for them now. Put them out of misery. They are no longer suffering… And, of course, their death is better for the treasury of our nation. Our taxes no longer must be spent to care for such a burden.”

And so murder was called mercy.

The government took over private business. Industry and health care were “nationalized.” (NA-ZI means National Socialist Party) The businesses of all Jews were seized…. The world and God’s word were turned upside down. Hitler promised the people economic Change? Not change. It was, rather, Lucifer’s very ancient Delusion leading to Destruction.

What began with the propaganda of children singing a catchy tune ended in the deaths of millions of children. The reality of what came upon us is so horrible that you in this present generation cannot imagine it …Unless your course of the church in America is spiritually changed now, returning to the Lord, there are new horrors yet to come. I trembled last night when I heard the voices of American children raised in song, praising the name of Obama, the charismatic fellow who claims he is the American Messiah. Yet I have heard what this man Obama says about abortion and the “mercy killing” of tiny babies who are not wanted.

There are so few of us left to warn you. I have heard that there are 69 million Catholics in America and 70 million Evangelical Christians. Where are your voices? Where is your outrage? Where is passion and your vote? Do you vote based on an abortionist’s empty promises and economics? Or do you vote according to the Bible?

Thus says the Lord about every living child still in the womb… “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you…”

…I have experienced the signs of the politics of Death in my youth. I see them again now…. —wicatholicmusings.blogspot.com  

Exaggerated fear? Or are we indeed on the threshold of “Change”? When one considers that economic experts are saying that America’s currency is headed for a complete collapse under unsustainable debt, the man in charge in the ensuing chaos becomes rather important at this time.

How will he handle martial law? How will he use his power to bring peace and security, tolerance and unity? We should perhaps heed present and past warnings, as we pray for our leaders…

…in the last days there will come times of stress. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, inhuman, implacable, slanderers, profligates, fierce, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding the form of religion but denying the power of it. Avoid such people. For among them are those who make their way into households and capture weak women, burdened with sins and swayed by various impulses, who will listen to anybody and can never arrive at a knowledge of the truth. (2 Tim 3:1-7)

When people are saying, “Peace and security,” then sudden disaster comes upon them, like labor pains upon a pregnant woman,and they will not escape. (1 Thess 5:3)


Cartoon from 1934, Chicago Tribune


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